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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] End-Game Guide

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-Tried and true is an expression for a reason. It's a difficult line-up to achieve, but remember; any lower end heroes you receive in the meantime are fillers to get toward stronger heroes. Rings and souls invested may end up being throw-aways or Hero Aids eventually so spend carefully.

-Demon Slayer, BlockHead, Dark Rider, Skull Mage, and Pan Goli should be your eventual goal. That is 3 tanks with executioner mercenaries and 2 ranged damage dealers with wizard mercenaries.

-The trick is that Rider and Block both buff all executioners and Skull Mage buffs all wizard mercenaries. Your hero line-up, in raids and Arena, will be an unstoppable wrecking ball before long.

-Max out all of their levels as soon as possible. Resource raid until you hit 200 everyday; it is faster when you use a hero treaty if you can afford it. Bank coral eggs and level them up to max before you use them, use epic (orange) eggs if you don't get corals regularly enough.

-You will want to get BlockHead, Dark Rider, Skull Mage, and Pan Goli up to Hero Skill level 18; this reduces your rage costs to 1 per skill use. It also costs ~25,000 rings per skill to get to 18. Yes, that is 100,000 rings just in skill uogrades. But when you boost all of your executioners and wizards within 15 seconds and follow them up with a nuke from Pan Goli, you will weep with joy at the aftermath.

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Pan Goli, you will weep with joy at the aftermath.

-You will want to get your mercenaries levelled up to 40 as soon as possible as well. Again, it will be costly and time consuming but nowhere near as daunting as the rings for your skill levels. Your heroes are only half of the power you will use whenever an attack is launched. If your heroes are the heart and bones, your mercenaries are the muscle and skin.  

-Glory for your heroes should be addressed after skills. While the glory points help, they won't make as much of an incremental increase to your damage output as your geared up skills will. When you are done your skills it will be much easier to bank rings to buy extra heroes and max out Glory points and Hero Aids. Again with the body comparison,  these will be the sword and shield.  

-Hero Aids will help to finish off your now epic and all-powerful wrecking crew. Pick heroes with Aid skills that compliment each of your heroes; Savage Chief, Pan Goli, Air Elite, Glory Priestess, and Blitz Bomber make for good strong choices, having two of each and dispersing them two per main hero as you find comfortable. But take note; level their skills to boost their aid abilities and max out their levels to gear up your HP bonuses, but   GLORY WILL NOT HELP.   It doesn't necessarily hurt and will boost each of their maximum levels but it is not an integral part of your final team. Get their skills up before bothering with any extra purchases for glory upgrades. This is the armor to finish the package.

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Levelling Your Base

-DO NOT RUSH THROUGH TOWN HALL UPGRADES. This is a fatal mistake many players make very early. It opens you up to attacks from higher ranking players to no benefit. Focus on maximizing each building and wall upgrade before needing to upgrade your Town Hall further.

-Defense is much more important than earning resources. Gold Vaults should be your first upgrades to allow gold-storage for your other upgrades, and Hero Halls max out at level 5 and can be gotten out of the way early. From there, always beef up your Victory Statues, Reapers, and Ermah Guards first and work down to your less pricey upgrades from there. Save Wall Upgrades for when you have gold surpluses during long building times when all of your Builders are spoken for.

-Always keep your Town Hall as the centerpiece to your kingdom. If it is destroyed first it is an immediate star for your opponent. Even a one star loss is a loss. Surround the Hall with a wall, and fortify around that wall with your strongest defenses. Another wall should then go around that inner-ring, followed by a ring of your lower end defenses, Gold Mines, Gold Vaults, Hero Halls, Builders, and your Guild Hall and Arena, with whatever walls you have left taking precedence around the Hero Halls and lower-end defences.

-Place your Gold Mines and Hero Halls on the exterior ring at opposing corners from each other. If they are too close together your opponents can drop in for a resource raid, destroy

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them, take all of your gold, and quit the battle without losing any heroes.

-As a personal disclaimer, this game is just that; a game. And this post is just one person's perspective on the most proficient way to play the game. When it comes down to it, have fun. Do what you can, do what you want, and enjoy the experience IGG has put together for us.

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

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Posted on 9/4/14 10:22:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

now two months later would you still recommend that 5 man team? or would you add pounder, abyss demon or renee ven into your end game line up?

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Good question. As an end game change i would actually remove Demon Slayer and put him as an aid for Pan Goli, for the boost to mercenary total that effected by Skull Mages buff for pure damage, and use Pounder instead, and replace Blockhead with Abyss Demon and use Blockhead as an aid for Pounder to boost his HP and attack rate.

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JohnnyHardcore replied at 9-6-2014 08:07 PM
Good question. As an end game change i would actually remove Demon Slayer and put him as an aid for  ...

Wouldn't Skull mage make a good aid for pan goli? Must be getting on for 50% attack bonus with maxed out aid skill, that's quite a shot in the arm for Goli's skill.