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[Guide] Leveling up your heroes [ COL2 ]

[Copy link] 2/2024

Posted on 7/4/14 9:03:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My strategy to get stronger heroes is:

* Earn jewels!

* Get your recompense for attacking 5 times in resource raids while getting 3 star victory on each( the attacks are accumulated towards your rewards). You will get 1 exp card for the 1st 3 star victory. Then you will get 2 more exp cards when you get your 3rd victory with 3 stars. Lastly, when you get 3 stars on 5 raids, you get 2 more exp cards.The rewards will vary depending upon your town hall level (THE HIGHER THE LEVEL THE BETTER REWARDS).
For example I get 5 gold exp cards each day! (Town hall level 12)^_^

* This is why I advice you to upgrade your town hall as soon as possible.

* Earn a certain amount of gold from resource raids to get 50 jewels.

* Do all of your LL chances to  get 50 jewels.

* Log in everyday! It's that easy! You will get from 20 jewels to 1 epic hero.

* Use the 3x roll. You have a better chance at getting some good heroes that could really help you level up your others.

* I don't recommend fusing exp cards together
unless it is for a hero you are trying to get and use it on it.

* I don't recommend anyone to only upgrade one hero. It's not a good idea to have a hero level 100 while the rest are 70's. This will mess up the balance of your team and ultimately make you loose more than if you had your team at balanced levels. (It's fine if your heroes are off by a few levels. Just keep it around a difference of 7)

* If you really want to upgrade your heroes fast, just do about 60-100 resource raids. Also, you can go into the dungeons (single player) and get plenty of mugs that you can use to get rings, which if you get enough, you could even buy an epic hero.

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IGN: Dancelife

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