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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] leveling and defending

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Posted on 7/3/14 10:59:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Leveling -

Make sure you are leveling your heros evenly. Leveling up epics should be your first priority. A strong defense should be accompanied by a good offense. Make sure you are leveling both up. If you need more epics to make both your offense and defense stronger, take advantage of deals that they give you in order to get more epics. Also don't level up your townhall prematurely, instead level everything in your townhall to the max first or close to it then upgrade your townhall and do the same after. Level troops and skills evenly throughout your team. I am currently leveling my epics evenly and using the 3x hire to hopefully get more epics. If that takes too long then I'll just level my rares. Make sure you are doing daily quest and dungeons to get gems souls and exp cards.

Defending -

Like I said earilier a good offense should be accompanied by a good defense. A good defense holds your tropies earned by a good offense. Upgrade your weapons evenly. Make sure to time it so that the builders are done when season is near end so that you can have the strongest defense possible when most players are actively seeking tropies to take. The more tropies you have at the end of the season the more souls you get. Your town set up should have your townhall in the middle and every weapon set up so that they have the max range when attackers drop their heros. Check where they are able to attack and fix your weapons accordingly. Also watch replays of attacks to see what you can you fix I order to make your defense stronger. I would also suggest your victory statues be closest to your townhall.

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