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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Being safe at your level/leveling quickly.

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Do Not:
Rush your town hall! It's a lot more helpful to have all of your defenses leveled to the max for your town hall level, then have an extremely high leveled town hall.
If you are rushing town hall level it's a lot more likely that you will be saving up for this expensive upgrade and not be buying upgrades for your defenses. This leaves your base open to much more 100% raids and a loss in trophies. The thing I try to remeber when I am tempted to drop it all and just upgrade my town hall now is, "It's not the quanity of your defenses but the level of these defenses".

Do Not:
Over-level/Under-level one of your lords.
I see people doing this all of the time and I just don't get why.... It's ok to have one lord ~5-7 levels above or below the rest but not when that lord is 15-20 levels above or below the rest, also the thing to remeber is that the lords rely on each-other to win battles and win in the arena. So doing this is putting a handicap on yourself when you can easily avoid this completely with a little patience.

Do Not:
Cluster your hero altars together when defending.
Not many people get why this is a bad thing but I will explain, having your heros clumped together on defence is very bad compared to having them spread out. With them together when your heros see something on defence they all go, all at once which is a bad thing because they tend to do less damage then if they were all sent in once at a time. If an enemy lord is at low hp and their is no defensive structers to stop it then it will just go and destroy the rest of your base. Say you did put your hero altars spread out, this will prevent many low health enemy lords from killing anymore of your defenses because your lord will come right in and stop the enemy lord. This strategy also displaces the enemy lords when you are under attack which is really good because in can lead them into more fire from your defenses.

Do Not:
Forget about quests.
These are there for a reason, to help you on your journey... Don't forget about them just cause you think you are too high level for them. The truth is (especially "The Bigger The Better" quest) will help you level up immensly during you journey, just don't ever forget about them.

Do Not:
Forget about the daily events.
Stuff like "Fight In the Lords League 5 Times" is easy and Daily! It is important to do this to help level up your heros or just get you gems. Who wouldn't want to get rewarded for simply playing their favorite game?

Watching replays:
I am actually surprised by how many people don't do this. The game gives them to you, take advantage of that! This lets you identify critical defects in your walls/defenses.

Leaving spaces in between defenses and walls:
This isn't always a bad thing, a good strategy I know of is using those spaces to make your base look MUCH MUCH bigger than it looked previously w/ no spaces. This is a good thing.... why? Because that will intimidate more people, resulting in you not being attacked as often. And also forcing the lords to walk more of a distance resulting in them being shot by more of your defenses. Whereas a base w/ no spaces results in you having more spare walls to put in critical places. (The choice is yours).

Good way to level up your heros:
Do tons of recource raids then take an XP egg and level it up, once you have done this enough you should be able to get it high enough level it should have a massive effect on one of you heros. Do this over and over again. <---- My visual aid

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General good tips but i must I must disagree with two.
First, Do not Rush your town hall
Before player dont rich 100k gold price from RR They must rush with townhall, becouse its a waste of gold thinkinig like you.
Second, Do Not Cluster your hero altars together when defending.
It mayby good tip at your level but when your heroes rich about 100 level then it willbe very bad strategy. I love attacks players with your strategy

Rest tips are fine :) cheers!

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You really need to lvl up your heroes

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i balance my hero to my TH also to defense

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