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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Mercenaries Leveling

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Posted on 7/3/14 7:57:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dernière édition par Ronkl sur 7-3-2014 07:59 AM

To level your hero's mercenaries you need Souls, to get them there are several ways :

- Mugs : can be exchange for souls in Cat Meow's (press + at soul icon), without jewels 1 mug = 1000 souls. Can be improved by spending jewels if you play the mini game. And with Hero Treaty u gain 500 extra souls by exchanging mug (1 mug = 1500 souls) .

- Lord League Raid : You get some souls by winning a LL match, depend of the stars number and opponent "rank".

- Solo Lord League : Reward souls by hour (getting 70-80/hour is pretty easy with lv90 hero and decent base) + reward you a nice amount of souls each season (once a week, sunday) based on your LL rank (11k easily).

- Guild ranking : If your guild is inside the top 50 you will also receive extra souls every week at the end of the LL season too. (if you are at lower top 50. it's not much but when in top 10 it's 12k-39k).

- Dungeon run : Each times you finish a level with 3* FOR THE FIRST TIME u gain a nice amount of souls, it increase with the dungeon difficulty + it rewards you sometimes with mugs and souls in the chest.

- Arena : there are some nice souls rewards in arena ! Squire rank = 5k, Commander = 10k, Warlord = 20k, Duke = 40k, Overlord = 100k. They are pretty easy to acheive since ppl are doing "base front" strategy. You just have to keep refreshing...

- Events : some events were rewarding souls per invite code, but i guess they are gone forever now.

- Cash $$$ : There alot of promotion, giving extra souls all the time when you buy jewels at cashshop.

Now take your favorite hero and feed up his mercenaries !
Give them a nice skin when reaching level 21 but it's costly and souls can be used to get shield on your building aswell !

I hope i didnt forgot anything ! Enjoy.

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Have fun !