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[News] Clash of Lords 2 iOS Update (Feb 5th) [Version2.0.77]

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Posted on 2/4/18 8:52:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Aye Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords 2 iOS on Feb 5th EST (GMT-5). The game will be down for maintenance at around 00:30 am and for 2 hours. Please note that several features won't be available until the latest update launches. Update Clash of Lords 2 iOS and we'll send 300 Jewels to your in-game mailbox for free! Thanks for your support. Happy clashing!

Version 2.0.77 Updates:
1. Enlightenment unlocked for Hydrasaur.
2. The Chosen One Event
-Choose a Hydrasaur to participate in the event.
-Raise the Hydrasaur's Enlightenment level during the event to win rewards.
-Players will gain points based on their Hydrasaur's growth, and will be rewarded based on their overall ranking after the event ends.

1. Battlefield:
-Now supports 3 settings for floating damage numbers (Show Floating Text, Some Floating Text, and Hide Floating
-Battle effects settings now available.
2. General:
-Adjusted Shop UI.
-Improved Coliseum Matchmaking.
-New Technology for the Battle Square.
-Re-balanced Building and Troop damage for the Battle Square.
-Guild Elders can now refresh the Lordlympia Ascent opponent list.
-Adjusted Penthesilea's Divine Skill for the Coliseum and Battle Square. Penthesilea will not automatically focus her attacks on the enemy's Shrine/Bastion.

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