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Posted on 4/8/17 6:46:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First It cost time You should invest in The game You chosed to play ( And Not Clash royale) And reserves got a so BIG IMPACT on The True game that You MUST play  this shitty BAD (really bad) balanced game.
Maybe switching The bastion To A normal structure You Can Achieve reserves in a conventional Way  without feel committed To play a feature so BROKEN  that Makes You want To delete The game.
This features i a HUGE HUGE Gap Maker, between new and old Player (that helps get empty server get emptyer.) And a Gap Maker between different language servers where thanks An unfair share of events makes prizes And elements a Lot cheaper.

Posted on 4/10/17 3:47:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I understand that...but if you get to 3K or 4K...there is literally ZERO way for you to get to the higher level as you LOSE more points then you gain.  i.e. you absolutely MUST win 2 games in a row to wipe out *1* loss...if you lose 2 in a row, then you need to win the next 2 out of 3 to break EVEN where you were before you even started playing.  This is the worst thing I've EVER seen a company implement.  Make it so people can level up, make losses -5 and makes wins double that no matter the rank, so people can actually level up, otherwise, NOBODY is playing this to level up just 'maintain' where they are since it's a colossal waste of time to try to make it to the next tier.

Posted on 4/17/17 5:07:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I understand that it is normal for points to be deducted when losing a battle during a ranked game. I have spent a lot of time and energy to get point to upgrade my battle square grade from Gold to Platinum i.e. I had 3000 point and after many long and frustrating hours I managed to be sitting on around 3700 points when the season ended last week.
My problem and concern is that when the new season started my points was reset back to 3000 point which meant I lost around 700 points (which is equal to around 16 hours or so of solid game playing at my level). For example I played battle square for about 8 hours last night and am now sitting on around 3423 points which means I roughly gained 423 point in 8 hours of game time.
I understand that the season needs to be reset every 14 days, but honestly feel that it is unfair that I was so close to the next grade (only needed 300 points and was planning on pushing to get it the night the season reset) that you deducted 700 point or so when the season reset. It would have been more reasonable to drop me down to say 3500 point and that I lost 200 point instead of 700. That is almost a whole grade and a lot of game time and frustration.
The other frustrating part is that you have to wait for atleast 30 seconds to a minute before you can join the next battle, which means that I spend almost a third of my time waiting for a match.
I am really unhappy that you deducted 700 point and was hoping that you could please give some of the points back as I worked really hard to upgrade my grade.
I have spent a lot of time, money and energy on this game and really enjoy it. But when you basically dropped me down a level when the season reset is completely unfair and unacceptable. A suggestion for future updates to the game is that you reimburse players at the start of a new season with chests or rewards for the point that they lost as a result of the season resetting as Battle square is very competitive and difficult.

Posted on 4/17/17 11:11:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

still no new weopon configureation, please change igg, the battle times arent good for me so i barely have any time as is, i cant waste 10 minutes changing and rechanging weopons around just to play for 10 to 15 mins

Posted on 4/17/17 4:36:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am going to post my wins/losses. I am close to the top and it is retarded trying to push for trophies.  I win 12-20 and lose 40-50 with every loss.

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I think IGG is moving in the right direction with it now, but it's not perfect yet. I jumped from 2200 to 4000 points in 2 days because of a few minor changes. I've had people surrender in around 15 seconds lol. Not being able to configure weapons still blows.