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Posted on 3/13/17 12:57:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It seems I'm in the minority but I'm actually warming up to Battle Square. It's a good, different addition to the same old content. You don't need to be a top player or invest any resources in it yet to do well. I don't have any level 200 heros or skills above 20, I haven't invested any resources yet and I reached Gold Square (3000 pts) yesterday. You just gotta keep at it..try new strategies and figure out when and where to place heros. It's definitely a little tedious and I find myself yelling at my phone at times but overall I don't think it's that bad and I'm pretty sure there will be improvements in next update. Everyone has a lot of good suggestions for improvementd in this thread. Just remember what you're playing for..EXTRA heros on attack AND defense. So that old hero you invested so much in, well evolved and is just sitting in your bag after being replaced now becomes VERY useful again.

Here's a shot of rank promotional rewards so far to keep everyone motivated..only need to get to silver square to get enough metals for 2 hero reserves. You guys can do that.  With gold sqare rewards and some extra from standard chests, I'm only 30 metals away from 3rd reserve. (30 metals 1st reserve, 60 for 2nd, 120 for 3rd).
See ya in the square!

Posted on 3/17/17 12:55:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just adding 1 more negative feedback. If you focused on - for example - only 5 heroes and you are just an average player, you can forget battle square since you will get f*cked in the a** strategically. For example 5 vs will get pushed on 2 lanes at the same time and you can do 2 things. 1: You unite your 5 heroes to push 1 lane, the enemy then starts to push the other lane really hard, maybe puts a wolvenfied down to hold you back since its kinda unkillable most of the time, either way to other lane will get pushed and you lose. 2: You split your heroes on both lanes, but against 16 or more, they will get destroyed eventually. If you havelow amount of upgraded heroes, doesnt matter what you do, you will get outplayed most of the time, especially above a certain rating. This is a huge flaw and should make changes in matchmaking properly.

Posted on 3/17/17 1:06:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ohh and 1 more thing. Hero reserve is just plain stupid...on max level making basically 10 vs 10 fights...i ask why?! Basically forcing players to play that unenjoyable battle square and leaving players with even more disadvantage who doesnt reach the level as others, yet they will get attacked in GC and will get destroyed even more easier. There were already huge power gaps between the spender and the non spender, but now they will raid everyone with 10 heroes. Also the bases are so weak against these heroes nowaday that they will just blow up. Anyway, my point is that who was strong will be even stronger, and who was weak compared will be even weaker. (ps.: Who focused on 5 heroes will get f*cked in the a** once again)

Posted on 3/17/17 11:51:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I  may quit this game now complety it seems this thing equates to resources for upgrades in turn researching helps in other attack and defences that are not just in Bastion play. Research is a black hole of resources which means money.
As for Bastion I  can't even deploy my hero's before the first one is dead. Can't choose what order . It is crap and I refuse to feed this black hole so may quit this game now

Posted on 3/21/17 11:20:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Absolutely ridiculous matchups and point structure.  Makes zero sense to keep playing when you lose a match, you lose 17 points, you win a match and you get 16 or 20 points, then you'll go on an inevitable 2 or more losing streak and you are GUARANTEED to slide backwards never to regain the ground you got in the first place.  Who in their right mind, other than the most elite of the elite will continue to play this charade?!  Make losses 1 point or something and wins 20 points+ then you are talking.  At the end of the day you want people to continue to play and grind higher right?  Or do you want them to be frustrated by horrible matchups and game mechanics (Wolf being completely over powered compared to anybody else).  Come on guys, you can do better than this.