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[News] Mods on Probation Recruited(Deadline: May 8)

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Posted on 4/27/16 12:47:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings Lords!

We've decided we need some fresh blood to join us in taking care of the forum. 1 or 2 moderators are needed. Please submit your application here.

To have a chance of being chosen as a moderator you have to fulfill some requirements:

Application Requirements:

1. Have been online for more than 1 week. 
2. Have posted a lot of posts (Offtopic posts do not count)
3. Usually helping other players to solve problems.
4. Good knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of Clash of Lords II.
5. Willing to be online and maintain the forum in a daily basis.
6. Having previous experience in forum moderating is a plus.

Obligations as a moderator:
1. Reply to players' posts when you are able to
2. Do your best to maintain a harmonious forum and if situations occurs, try to solve them
3. Encourage more players to join our events and promote the IGG popularity.
4. Communicate with forum members frequently and maintain a good relationship between you and excellent members.

Some guidance:
1. When players make a mistake in forum, they should be given a warning
2. Advertisements, promotions of other games, spamming should be deleted immediately.
3. Your event should be verified by the administrator.
4. If you abuse your moderator powers and harass players then you will receive a warning. If it still continues your position will be taken away. 
5. You should be an active forum member so being inactive a longer time is discouraged. 

Probation Period:
After one month of work , you will be qualified to apply to become a formal mod.


1. Nick Name: 
2. Work Motive: 
3. Where are you from?
4. Which IGG games do you play?
5. Your opinions on the long-term plan for forum development.
6. Your attitude and specific methods for managing the forum.
7. If you are selected, what will you do for the forum (Say something rather than delete or lock the posts).

If you are interested in helping us, don't hesitate and join us now. Hope you reply soon!

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Posted on 4/27/16 5:18:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Goodluck everyone and looking forward to some good applicants.

Posted on 4/28/16 12:49:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I may look like a rookie from my stats,  but I'm anything but.  I'm newer only to this forum having just found it recently.  I have a leadership role in many communities and groups,  both virtual and real life.  This is in the form of either leading or Co leading clans and groups,  and management/supervision in work and play.  I even coach little league baseball .  I have no lust for power or control,  it doesn't drive me or go to my head.  So you know my motivation isn't selfish.  My experience in these various roles,  and the fact that I have 2 kids under 8yrs old should tell you that I have advanced skills in keeping the peace,  being reasonable,  and promoting cohesion.  My work in management,  supervision and technology means I have a strong background in promoting and representing brands.  This also takes the form of providing feedback from the ground troops and experiences to the higher ups to help address policy and procedures that could work better,  are causing problems,  or that are desired.  As a mod said here :  we don't know  what's being done well or what can be improved without the community's support"
Nickname: current: FRODOBONGINS +FRODOBONGINS99 (accidental 2x account creation)  name change no problem

Work motive: see above.  I enjoy the games and support communities.  The concept of helping others and having it come back like karma

Where from: Vancouver.  BC.  Canada

I like your LOOT and I cannot lieeeeee....You other Clashers can't deny....
Posted on 4/28/16 6:07:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

only one applicant so far!  how many gems does it pay per month anyways?

Posted on 4/29/16 12:03:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How much time would u say this position requires on a daily basis? Thx.

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How to submit the form? I am new here but i am active more in link

Roky-Yayelosteam Guild
Posted on 5/4/16 12:45:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Anddddddd,  I just realized almost my entire application got cut off.. Sigh.  Too late to resubmit?

I like your LOOT and I cannot lieeeeee....You other Clashers can't deny....
Posted on 5/7/16 2:45:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

.... So no one else wants to be a mod with me.