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[News] Clash of Lords 2 Update on Nov. 16 (Amazon) [Version 1.0.132]

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Posted on 11/15/15 8:41:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Lords! We'll be updating Clash of Lords 2 at 0:30 AM EST (GMT-5) on Nov. 16  for 1 hour to prepare the game for our latest update currently under review by Amazon. Please note that a number of features will be inactive until the update is officially released - Battles Reports and In-game Mailbox will mostly be affected. We apologize for this inconvenience and will be compensating all players with 200 free Jewels after the update.

Version 1.0.132 Updates:
1. Improved Aid Results: Aid Heroes with higher mercenary levels will increase HP and reduce skill damage taken by deployed mercenaries.
2. Adjusted 1st Purchase Gift rewards.
3. Thanksgiving Packs added.
4. Thanksgiving events added.
5. Optimized Arcane Tome Effects: Heroes with Wizard mercenaries start with Fury equal to two times the number of their mercenaries up from one time the number of their mercenaries. Killing a Hero also now grants 30 Fury.
6. Forging Block Upgrade interface now displays equipment level limits.

Note: Battle reports and mailboxes will be cleared during the update. Be sure to claim any lingering rewards!

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Posted on 11/16/15 1:24:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You gonna be fixing the damn problem with the game crashing from the last update or are we just supposed to read about all the new stuff instead of playing the game? Fix it! No reason for it to still be happening and dont say update ur devise! Been playing this game over a year with no problems!!!!