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[Chat(Android)] I thought of this idea on col2

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Posted on 6/23/19 3:26:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Currently my team runs

Toxic Shaman - (L155) Skill 24, Scorpio Aided with - Pan Goli 160, Blockhead 170, Great Sage 140
Ravager - (L145) Skill 23, Saggitarus Aided with - Tidal Guardian 145, Enchantress 150, Pan Goli 170
Wolvenfiend - (L155) Skill 25, Scorpio Aided with - Tidal Guardian 150, Berserker 140, Pan Goli 160
Ambrosia - (L155) Skill 22, Capricorn Aided with - Blockhead 180, Pan Goli 170, Abyss Demon 170 (Defense), Ironclad (Offense)
Penthesilea - (L150) Skill 25, Saggitarus Aided with - Chiron 160, Penthesilea 145, Tidal Guardian 145
The Bastion holds Stormrider (L145) Skill 25, Virgo, Great Sage - L150) Skill 22, And is at Capricorn.
Theres Only A Soccer Glyph Set on Ambrosia and Jack Glyph Sets on Penthesilea and Ravager.

Ravager is most likely my MVP and Also Penthesilea Is usually near close to passing Ravager when it comes to Colloseum

In Colloseum i run

Djinni (L200) Skill 27, Insight 7, Divine 4
Pan Goli - 170 (the aid on base with Ravager) Skill 20, Leo
Tidal Guardian 150 (Wolvenfiend Aid on base) Skill 18, Leo
and All my other Heroes Except Ambrosia that i use on my base. including the bastion reserved heroes

Aids running are 3 pans, tidal guardian 145, 135, 130, Toxic Shaman all abouts 140. ( i have 4 toxic shamans though)

If you wonder my level its level 65. and a pure F2P... I dont spend money on my game as i use it for other real things.