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[Chat(Android)] Which heroes should i focus on?

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Posted on 12/22/18 4:45:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So as you can see ive spent a lot of resources on abyss demon, landslide, pan goli, chiron and great sage(which was my previous team ovbs). Now, with all new heroes released, they felt weak, could barely get anywhere with them so... Kept landslide(for nor), switched to storm rider, enchantress, won ton and penthesilea. Should i keep leveling them up, switch anyone out or what do you think?

Posted on 12/25/18 6:33:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Your layout looks very much the same as mine. I do try to stick with the heroes I have. But I do not believe that Pounder has any future. There might be scenario's where he'll undoubtly be good, but I think that Abyss Demon's level 4 divine will be better in every regard to Pounder. One thing that I know for sure is that some hero aids never get old. I am using 3x3 strong hero aids and 2x3 mediocre hero aids, meant for their respective modes along with their respective heroes. While my main line up doesn't look as amazing as yours does, my hero aids get all the love because my main line will grow stronger passively anyway when I feel that they fall behind. Take a look at the screenshots and you can draw some conclusions yourself.

Happy clashing!

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