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[Chat(Android)] CoL2 "every" chart about ingame cost

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Posted on 10/6/18 8:32:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everybody. new post, but same topic as the last one. i want to share all the CoL2 chart i have made, this time translated in english. so you can easily understand everything
you need to know materials for the guild base or what heroes you will need to deploy? i have them
you want to know how many exp you need for the hero from level 1 to 220? hero you are
insight, enlightenment, aid bonus, weapon, mercenary, buildings, evolution and so on. of course, there is a small folder where i need help to finish my work, and if u want you can help me. all the information are inside this link!prIHxK4J!u_GPAp8F7lBT_o2pE4JBeA!Vu4XXSDQ

(remember to read the notes FYI)!prIHxK4J!u_GPAp8F7lBT_o2pE4JBeA

p.s. you will find folder inside other folders. for example battle square troops and buff are inside the buildings folder

i will post 3/4 random files just to show you what you will find here

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Looks good. Thank you!

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I currently do not have time to check on your information on all the details, but is the detailed information you had on your enlightenment chart also to be seen within this charts folder?

And the enlightenment charts by OscarPlays?

Are you planning on adding Alchemy Workshop costs?

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Posted on 10/10/18 10:53:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

if you open the folder "buildings" than "statistics", you will find the alchemy shop with all the others buildings. there are 2 file: the first is the alchemy workshop as a building, and the cost to level up it; the second one is the alchemy, what object and from which level you can create it.
anyway everything was checked through the game. i never used external sources. i will add just some information about "guild base" that comes from the russian forum. of course, they will have a mark, so everyone can notice that MAYBE they are true information, but they are not checked with the game (actually the only source that i trust when i wrote something)

the enlightenment chart at the moment have all the heroes information. also the last one "xaphan" is inside.

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thanks :)

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