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[Chat(Android)] CoL2 - costs about everything...

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Posted on 6/27/18 10:03:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hey, i'm an italian player. i spend everyday some time to gather info about this game, expecially how many resources something cost. for example, did you know that there are 8 different cost of enlightnement? i have checked all heroes, structures and fuctions by myself and my server mate, especially with my guild ADE ACDC.
if you are interested you can check on MEGA everything i have done.
BUT i'm italian, and all the info here are italian. if someone wants to translate in english, you are welcome. now i will translate italian - english the name of the folders tha you will find in this link. all CoL2 related of course, and they are all correct. but if you want to check, i don't have problem. i'm not perfect!c2R3BY5b!CRWv5_roglTV-cSfMhdWRA

work in progress, not finished
weapon - bonus/malus (took from this forum)
weapon - experience
weapon - materials
guild base - contribute
guild base - hero deploy (inside structure)
guild base - earnings (from contribute)
guild base - structure (requirements)
battle royale - boss life (work in progress)
bot and chariot exp
guild bot - skill cost
heroes - support bonus (work in progress level over 200)
heroes - experience
heroes - evolution
heroes - evolution with essence
heroes - enlightment (open the file to see the names)
heroes - insight
heroes - skill
heroes - talent
guild - level
guild united - quest and point
glyph - experience (work...)
spell - cost
spell - stat at max
mercenary - cost
mercenary - talents
quest CoL2
monthly pack reward
structure - armor
structure - cost

if you need something, i don't open very often this forum. anyway, you can contact me on we gamers. ID "hf8390", name "WiseHolo"