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[Chat(Android)] Hero equipments

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Posted on 5/23/18 10:12:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello i'm looking for help again
I want to get possible equipment for my heroes
I have 2 thunder blades. I think they are not best . And one dragon heart. With what should i equip my heroes? Im having about 30/50 arcane tome and tyrant brand shards. My heroes are;

Won ton

Thanks in advance for help ;D

Posted on 5/24/18 3:21:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The best use for the thunder blade are heroes who can destroy things in a quick and explosive manner. I'm not talking about a litteral explosion, like Won Ton's skill and divine. I'm talking about heroes who have a high attack rate with a relatively high attack. Not only that, the hero should also have his skills getting enhanced by the weapon itself.

I'm hinting towards Abyss Demon in this case. He has a fast attack rate, moves extremely fast, has a relatively high raw attack compared to about half of the heroes and his skill matches the thunder blade perfectly like peanut butter on a sandwich. Why is this? Because Abyss Demon's skill is what makes him so strong. A self-and-other-healing immortal machine of destruction is very helpful in quite a lot of situations. Except for when his attack rate gets debuffed. Or his healing %. Or his dmg output in general. Damage is life for Abyss. So the more, the faster, the better.

Skull Mage would also qualify for this sword because he has a very high attack rate, grants immortality to himself and all wizard mercenaries, which makes him and the storm of lightning go around the field unstoppable for a good 7 to 15 seconds. Also a nice boost is that his already strong mercenaries will get slightly more attack.

Wolvenfiend can use this destructive thunder blade to do exponential dmg. Its skill in Wolf form states: after every x attack, Wolvenfiend deals y% ATK DMG to surrounding enemies and inflicts bleeding for 5 seconds. Bleeding deals z DMG every 0.5 seconds. What this means is that every time his 10th attack triggers, bleed will also occur in that area. Give that a little bit of a boost with the thunder blade, (because every lightning bolt also counts as an attack) and you get yourself a nice little fireworks show whose opponents also happens to bleed all over the area. Use a divine and you have the same effect as a personal Abyss Demon for a few seconds.

In your list of heroes, Ambrosia is the most likely candidate to use the thunder blade as her atk rate can reach maximum potential when combined with a maxed Blockhead aid and insight level 20 when enlightened. But further than that, none of your heroes are particularly skilled with the thunder blade. And I'd still recommend a tyrants brand over a thunder blade on Ambrosia due to the simple fact that she has quite the bombs at her disposal. I am talking about her skill and divine power. Both of these special attacks are very well capable of doing a big sum of damage in 1 attack and both attacks get boosted by both weapons. But the tyrants brand does this better, by providing a chance to pierce through armor.

The dragon heart is much simpler in mechanics in that it's designed straight for tank heroes. It allows Landslide to heal so much back of his hp lost when so many heroes are pounding on him. Heroes I say. Because mercenary's attacks cannot be dodged in any way other than killing them before they land their blow. So their dmg will always land. Same holds true for building's defences. But a hero can miss an other hero. Couple this baby with high dodge rate, high dmg reduction and just plain old maximum hp boosts and you get yourself a nice little tank there. I used this succesfully in the past on the human form of Wolvenfiend as he heals a lot from the damage the enemies have done to him... that is, until I met debuffers, like Ambrosia and Toxic Shaman. Find yourself that sweet spot!

In conclusion to your situation: you might want to get heroes with high attack rate to give your thunder blade more meaning. Ambrosia would do fine for now. The dragon heart is built for Landslide. So you're in luck there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have a nice day.

Happy clashing!

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