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[Chat(Android)] Heroes Strategy

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Posted on 5/5/18 9:42:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Im new in game but slowly maxing heroes. Im going to use this set:
1. Landslide - Full tanky. Glyphs for hp and main tank
2. Won ton - A bit tank but mostly for melee damage and defense
3. Chiron - Main base defense and strong attack because of active skill
4 Ambrosia - Full damage build so she heals so allies so much
5 Stormrider - Mainly for air support
Please suggest me best aids for those heroes. I have iron clan and dont know i should use it or salvage

Posted on 5/6/18 5:24:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Landslide. If you happen to have a spare Won Ton aid, use this one on Landslide. Give Landslide a Dragon Heart and he'll be even harder to knock down.
2. Won Ton. On defense, the only real purpose of this cute panda is to get his divine power through. So use Enchantress, Berserker and Ravager aid.
3. Chiron. I have used him a fairly long time on defense. But I think it's best for him to use the same as Won Ton. Considering that this guy is also kind of a tank.
4. Ambrosia. If you want her to heal, she needs atk. Not damage. This is because that's what her heal is based off. Skull Mage is a pretty good aid to her.
5. Storm Rider. Very good all around hero, but in the experience of my opponents, it's especially good when he's paired with other heavy debuffers. For example, Toxic Shaman, Won Ton or Iron Clad.
Talking about that last one: I think Iron Clad aid is only and solely useful in knockback strategy in Hero Arena and Guild Clash. Don't salvage it if you plan on using him offensively for Wolvenfiend.

Hope this helps!

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