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[Chat(Android)] Guild Base joke.

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Posted on 5/3/18 5:13:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This new event is joke of the game. Not it only drains all yours resources and the requirements are also fk joke.
Clearing rubbles are in a mess and make no sense at all.

- Heroes with Wizards mercs. AC/Imp with Witches counts as Wizards. But Enchantress with Witch doesnt county as wizards mercs?
- Heroes races. Rath count as Human hero, really? Same as others heroes doesnt look much as human but as well count as human hero!
- Require 5 heroes with Ox Warriors mercs. How many epics heroes have Ox as mercs? 3!

and the list can go on.....

Already mentions. Guild Mall 25k gold twice a day drains the gold faster than guild can obtain. 


- More gold to have at least a chance to gain gold for base upgrades without draining all resources. Clearing rubble/Daily sign ins/conribute/buy gold from guild mall. All should give more gold. Or lower guild mall gold stupid change 2x day.
- Change rubbles every day. Some rubbles none in a none/less spending guild can clear is a joke and it just stacked up until no one can clear any rubble or want to waste resources for crap 5000/10000 gold. Which arent even enough to maintain 50K gold/day guild mall robbed. Enlightment/insight are hardest and none spending guild can ever clear.
- Guild mate can help with clearing rubbles and not just alone.

Sure its more crap that it needs more improvement.