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[Chat(Android)] More terrifying than summoned Guild Boss?

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Posted on 1/5/18 5:02:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i fight person in arena with line-up heroes:
(n)wolvenfiend 175 purple thunder blade
(n)enchantress 190 purple thunder blade
(e)ts 200 golden thunder blade
(e)carol dbelle  200 purple demonic axe
stormrider 165 golden thunder blade

*(n) non-englighten, (e) enlighten

i succeded kill wolv, ts and carol in less than 10 sec since this 3 hero didnt carry enchantress as aid,
i see that enchantress cast her shelter skill, like 10 sec after battle start since wolv is tanking so he got sheltered
and after shelter count start, stormrider cast his divine (lv2) and the one popped up was wolv with lv2 bestial instinct (scale with sr lv).. the non summoned wolv hasnt cast his divine..

so 2 wolvenfiend cast lv2 bestial instinct (humanform) at same time if it is stackable its like you cast opressor (bs skill) or worse, my rage from 6 to zero and didnt move really didnt move..
if it is stackable 2 lv2 bestial instinct (humanform):
reduce rage recovery 100% (50%+50%) for 32s (16s + 16s)
decrease atk dmg 80% (40+40) and skill dmg 100% (50+50)
*my enlighten monkey skill only hit 2241 (wtf?)

so is this works with wolv + renee? i dont think it is
because wolv + renee would mean 2 skills from the same hero instead stackable the duration will be reset
but my case, 2 wolv mean same skill but from 2 different heroes if it is really stackable.. this is overkill
in the end i lose because my arena building got hit by thunder blade
if you wonder how my monkey able to cast skill it is his divine and teleport skill from insight so he didnt get stunted

to defeat demon you didnt need an angel,
just sent another demon which slightly stronger.

Hashire sori yo~ Kaze no you ni~ Tsukimi hara wo~ Padoru Padoru~