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[Chat(Android)] IGG Changed Glyphs and didnt tell anyone

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Posted on 1/3/18 12:10:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

you save and save everything; rings, souls, shards to purchase and level that glyph you really wanted. you spend real money to purchase in game items.....Update comes and not only is there a new overpowered "something" but they also nerfed some of the items that you have worked so hard to acquire. 

I just noticed that the Star Life Drinker is only half as powerful as it is before... at least for my build.
-pan goli's skill no longer heals
-pan goli's divine no longer heals
-djinni skill no longer heals
-auto atk still works as well as thunder blade procs

i opened a support ticket, email chain, and they claim that nothing has changed. i asked for a refund of the glyph shards and experience used to buy the star with but they denied the request. 

i have been burning though resources to acquire shards and glyph exp, and i have calculated the returns to share with you

10k rings will get: 572 glyph shards and 6682 exp about enough to level a single glyph from 1 to 10
1 million souls will get: 560 glyph shards and 4268 exp about enough to level a glyph from 1 to 8

Please list anything else you notice that they may have changed.

Yea Games
Posted on 1/3/18 4:24:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i think it was bug.. life drinker description clearly stated:
"Leech 100% damage dealt by attacks as HP".
when it says attack, mean it is default auto attack, so if you happen to see your pan and djini skills/divine procs with life drinker before, in this case not nerfed instead bug fixed.

i mean from my pov (never use life drinker before) if skills/divines of each hero procs with life drinker, its make this broken game more broke..

to defeat demon you didnt need an angel,
just sent another demon which slightly stronger.

Hashire sori yo~ Kaze no you ni~ Tsukimi hara wo~ Padoru Padoru~
Posted on 1/4/18 12:33:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Attacks leech 120% of DMG dealt as HP and heals nearby allied heroes for 60% of damage dealt. also increases Abyss Demon's Atk rate and SPD by 67% and 50% respectively. Lasts 14s. Costs 1 Rage.... LVL 30 Abyss skill


Leach 100% of DMG dealt by attacks as HP...... Life Drinker Glyph

Abyss's divine heals... just saying

Yea Games
Posted on 1/5/18 3:27:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hard to read in comment above without formatting so i reposted

so you are saying that there is a clear difference between:
"Attacks leech 120% of DMG dealt as HP"
"Leach 100% of DMG dealt by attacks as HP"

Life Drinker Testing:
- Abyss's Aid skill heals from Life Drinker = No
- Thunder Blade proc heals from Life Drinker = Yes
- Bow Wep Proc heals from Life Drinker = No

Abyss Demon Skill Heals Testing:
- Abyss's Aid skill heals from Abyss Skill = No
- Thunder Blade proc heals from Abyss Skill = Yes
- Bow Wep Proc heals from Abyss Skill = No

I look at it this way: let say i buy a pizza from my favorite pizza place, pepperoni. i get a couple and they are great so i order another pizza, same as before and it shows up with pepperoni on only half. i didn't order half pepperoni half cheese, so i go and talk to the manager about the quality of the pizza and he says that this is how the always comes, tough luck. i paid money for these glyphs, knowing the current status of how the glyphs worked and where they didn't. IGG changed them after the fact...refund my glyph purchase.

Yea Games
Posted on 1/5/18 4:08:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

A clear difference no. I don't think anything IGG does is clear. Their skill descriptions are always inconsistent and often flat out wrong/missing things and you generally have to nag live support until they transfer you to someone who has actually played the game at least once.

But based on info that TheW83 and Dragoneyr have been able to drag out of their IGG contacts, as well as some other posts of live support responses, when they throw in those two words "by attacks", they INTEND that to mean basic autoattacks. Whether it actually gets coded that way is another story(I have strong opinions that IGG writes some of the worst code in history).

Don't get me wrong, I share every ounce of vitriol you may have towards IGG... My Ambrosia doesn't get any invuln during her divine, and while IGG acknowledges that she is supposed to, they don't want to do anything about it. The best advice I've gotten so far is "make another ambrosia"

And I fully agree with your last two sentences, you should get your glyph purchase refunded, since you made the purchase knowing the status quo before they changed it. I was only trying to explain WHY they changed it.

Posted on 1/8/18 3:03:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think ntropi is correct in his reading of the cryptic language IGG uses.  I've seen these confusing descriptions in other places and it doesn't get less frustrating.  But once you understand their unique lack of clarity, you sorta get it.