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[Chat(Android)] Can we all agree wolf is a non factor now and enlightment is welcome?

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Posted on 11/19/17 9:00:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I mean they nerfed him so much that he's not even usable really anymore, and with enlightment coming I would hate to waste more resources on him just so crybabies complain until he gets nerfed all over  again.
I like wolf he's my favorite hero, not because he's overpowered & immortal (which he 100% definitely isn't).. But because he's cool.
When he came out I invested all my time n resources in him, and to watch him get nerfed to oblivion was sad tbh. I have been waiting for enlightment for wolf since then just so I can even use him again but I'm afraid all these crybabies are going to sook n whine because they can't beat him still (because they suck & their aids are bad /skills only lvl 10 and green weapons)
In summary I just want to open a dialogue about this b4 enlightment comes because I can hear the butt hurt crybabies now flooding every Col2 page with their nonsense about how wolf is broken & overpowered.

Posted on 11/20/17 5:05:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First if all, after reading this post, who is the crybaby now?...
Secondly, WF was never ever nerfed.
You dont seem anyone who has a lot of experience in gaming. Let me tell you that WF is one of the worst designed hero i have seen in any game yet...and i have been playing games my whole life hardcore, and hardcore doesnt mean that i invested a lot of money, cus i havent invested any, but it means that being skillful is the top priority. Anyway, i know some things about game design and mechanics, but it doesnt take a lot of brain capacity to aknowledge the fact, that when it comes to designing a hero, it has to be designed in a way to be balanced in all levels, not just for the top players who max everything. Also, on many "levels" and situations we saw many times that wolf couldnt be killed in 5v1 in human form, assuming both players have same quality setup. This is not normal, this is bad design. Another thing is that WF is too well-rounded...his bleed activated on thunder blade, kills buildings extremely fast, very hard to kill, gives dmg red to whole team, divine stuns, removes rage, decrease rage regen, heals to full...this is called OP, which is bad design. Maybe for top players its not op, but when a company designs a hero, they must take the whole playerbase into consideration. And the last thing i want to mention is that its just WF alone...but if you team up with certain heroes, it makes incredibly strong combinations, which is again, called OP = bad design.
It you summ up everything about WF, even what i didnt mention here, and look at the big picture, everyone who has a little clear of mind can see that WF is a retaded hero. Now, crybaby, try to spend your money on things that you know something about.

Posted on 11/20/17 6:57:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wolf is a hero which is very good for starters. He gets powerful starting on skill level 21 with no evolution. This makes him a popular choice for starters as this means you can do everything with just 1 hero.

Later on, I've not really seen nerfs for him. But as other heroes start catching up, it makes them counters by combining certain aspects. Having an anti healer team counters Abyss Demon, Ambrosia, Wolf etc all at once. This counter may require more than 1 hero. So no. The hero is not nerfed, he's just very hard to take down up to a certain point. This is from personal experience and observation.

Happy clashing!

The apprentice turns against his master
Posted on 11/20/17 7:37:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

hoho what an interesting topic, the so called too-over-powered-hero finally got an enlightment?
first thing first he is not that really that OP, well if you try to kill him with line-up hero without wolf itself and with mediocre aid then he can be considered kinda OP with his ridiculous healing~ (this is the problem of those crybaby asking for nerf)

this is just my assumption (still work in testing it) i think his healing ability (human form) only procs with initial damage which mean..
residual damage like TS poison, goli bleeding, and wolf aoe/bleeding render the so called OP wolfy to nothing but ordinary hero!

(supposed OP hero : DENIED!)
Crybaby-kun: but but he is got enlightment u know? he can turn up-side-down the entire game!
DEV-sama: then enlight ur wolf too and turn the game up-side-down back~
Crybaby-kun: but i dont have that much ancient spirit to spend T_T
DEV-sama: hey we already kind enough to give u ppl 500 to 2000 free ancient spirit every "Wishing Tree Event" is that not enough? whoa u sure is greedy for a mere free player ._.


so if you triggered bcause of u (supposed absolutely really perfect) line-up hero got fvckd up bcause (enlighten) him why not try to build him?

BIGNOTE : I'm free player too (SO PLS DONT HATE ME)

to defeat demon you didnt need an angel,
just sent another demon which slightly stronger.

Hashire sori yo~ Kaze no you ni~ Tsukimi hara wo~ Padoru Padoru~
Posted on 11/20/17 8:28:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is the worst possible mentality. So lets say that the dev team creates a totally OP hero, lets just imagine it, and obviously everyone wants balance, the devs, the players, everyone, because balance creates a healthy gaming environment. Implementing an OP hero means problem. So your solution to a problem like this would be to tell everyone to get that hero too, so the problem is solved. Really? Thats your solution? How can someone be as stupid as that? Stop living in a bubble and open your eyes...and definitely dont develop any game, you wouldnt last long in the industry...

Posted on 11/20/17 8:35:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

And btw, not WF's healing is the problem alone, its his huge overall dmg red COMBINED with his healing....alongside with all the other aspects i mentioned before...
Ohh, saying WF is not a problem anymore, because you can kill it with the enlighmented heroes...congratz...nice bright minded...clap clap

Posted on 11/20/17 11:41:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Several options to counter a well built wolf include but are not limited to:

  1. Glyphs which reduce healing power, dodge rate or increases dmg taken.
  2. Enchants which increase hit rate on your heroes.
  3. Heroes which reduce all of the aspects which generally makes a Wolf strong: healing, dodging, dmg red and atk rate.
  4. Use a well built tyrant brand or just anything with hit rate. Don't use a bow as it makes Wolf give more time to recover.
  5. Hero aids which reduces any of the forementioned buffs for Wolf.

This hero is definitely counterable. Please keep the topic hot but not your mood.

It's just the know-how. Hope this helps!

The apprentice turns against his master
Posted on 11/20/17 2:24:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am totally f2p.  I have Wolf as developed as he can get.  I play at relatively hi levels.  I believe Wolf was nerfed a few times since he first came out.  His healing is definately reduced and I think they changed something about his damage reduction too.  Nonetheless, despite not being as OP as he was, he is still strong for all those just below hi end play.  He can be killed pretty easily at the level I play with the right heroes and weapons and such. 

The problem with people thinking Wolf is OP is that they do not play smart.  They ignore concentrating on weapons, hit rate, and aids.  Most people in the lower end of the game do not understand the mechanics and play inefficiently.

I do think Wolf needs enlightenment to remain relevant.  I am saving for that.

Posted on 11/20/17 4:06:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

One thing I think people keep forgetting is that Wolvenfiend's damage reduction and healing comes in place of an active skill. Since even a moderately leveled toxic shaman can effectively counter his healing, his active skill is basically reduced to "I take a lot of hits but don't actually do anything else". No stun, no silence, no damage, no knockback, no debuff. Just damage reduction.

All that's left is his divine, which is not actually any better than great sage's. GS gives 5 rage, WF takes 5 rage, but only if you have 5 rage to take. He usually only takes 0-1.5 rage if you have the sense to not hoard rage when you see a Wolf. You normally gain 6 rage in 24 seconds, so WF's rage reduction costs you just 3 rage over the 24 second duration of his divine effect. This means at worst, he is costing you 8 rage, and at best(and more often), only 3.

Oh, and GS's divine locks skills, makes him invulnerable, and actually deals damage. The only thing left to WF's divine is that he heals himself, which is irrelevant if used at >75% health, and stuns, which GS does with every skill use.

If people want something to whine about, try toxic shaman, whose active deals damage and 2 major debuffs to enemies and a buff + healing to allies. All while having a divine that deals absurd damage+DOT+turns your whole team into zombies that fight against you.

Posted on 11/20/17 4:26:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Shhh, leave my toxic out of this op discussion....