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[Chat(Android)] olympia so bugged

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Posted on 11/3/17 6:36:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all, we donate morale, then olympia crashes or something.
Then once we can access the page again, all our morale is gone.  18k gems or whatever wasted.
So no choice, have to donate it again and let support sort it out later.

Now as we fight, bases are dying automatically  lol. It's like other guilds fighting the guild we are, are killing the bases as well.  Well this is what i'm assuming is happening.  Maybe someone killing them in LL or RR is also killing them in olympia?  I dunno.  But they are totally destroyed and we only got credit for 30% destruction, and most of the guild gets no credit for attacking, and we end up with 20k points.