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Posted on 10/19/17 4:40:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all. This is my last post. Some of you may know me because I´ve been around in this game for almost 3 years. However, the game has certain problems that instead of getting solved, become even worse and worse. I´m tired of waiting for an improvement that will never arrive:

- The game is time consuming and it forces you to play at set times. For example: coliseum, battle square, a guild united and now with this update we have more of that. In my country the times it opens are very bad. Battle square is especially demanding because I mostly get chests of 2h. Playing feels like an obligation
- Lack of good spending events and glory eggs. I only need ancient spirits (which are crazy expensive) and glory eggs to level new heroes. I find myself saving up for new heroes but since I don´t have glory eggs or a way to get them I just don´t progress anymore
- Bugs. Like pathfinding. There are more than a few
- Differences in game versions. Just so unfair
This is my contribution. Feedback from an experienced player. What I would do with the game:
General optimisations
- Added reminders that can be activated:
                            Guild quest active
                            New guild trial
                            Time based chest is ready
                            Rumination Completed
                            Spells completed
                            Trevi fountain ready
- Spirit Crystal changed
                            It can now also be used to reverse enlightment for a hero giving back 100% of the resources invested on it
- Added a mark to indicate where the centre of the base is in the base edit mode
- Final stats (ATK, HP, Dodge rate, DMG, Skill SMG….) displayed for every hero
- An option added to enable a chart like the one in Battle Square to check the enemy HP and status (locked, stunned…) and divine (used or not)
- Before resetting a season, you have to manually agree to it, so that you can claim rewards (like it happens in battle royale). Applicable to Battle Square, Arena, Coliseum, among others
- When a lvl 200 hero exceeds the required experience, it is automatically recovered in the guild hall in the form of Exp eggs
- Fixed descriptions (such as Toxic Shaman aid skill reducing attack rate, Ambrosia divine giving her invulnerability that can be disabled, Pan Goli aid skill not being clear…)
- Player level increased to 200 (it will be now easier to distinguish stronger bases)
- Added more missions such as: upgrade a building to a certain level or reach a certain player level
- Added a “Test Play” to try heroes (you don´t have) in default bases and arena battles. No rewards obtained and for free. Limited to 2 per day
- Stats given in enlightment shown in the hero see more page
Battle Royale
- Added a “claim all” bottom. It should claim until hero bag is full 
- If completed all the stages, everyone in the guild is given the 50 jewels a day automatically
- Changed the interface. Now you can see the stages clearly (this got even worse this update)

- Removed reward: blue exp egg
- Changed reward: all hero shards increased to 50. Option: you can pick favourite hero shards and forbid others (to a certain limit)
Guild Clash
- System added to program donations upon the start of GC
- Added a list of players who didn´t donate in GC
- Added a page where you can see who donates, when and how much (to bot, chariot or GC) for 2 weeks
- Added a GC defence formation. It will automatically change when attacked in GC
Lords League & Resource Raids
- You can now check the enemy hero’s information before attacking in Lords League and Resource Raids
- Option to refresh opponents in exchange for one chance
- Gold given in Resource Raids increased by 100%.
- Strategy! You can pick a different strategy and change it twice per match:
                            All together: heroes won´t tend to drift apart from each other
                            Divide but conquer: heroes will gradually spread to attack different target
                            No strategy: heroes’ patterns are not changed     
- Reduced the price to buy arena chances from 150 to 100 jewels
- Hero enlightment level and hero power displayed when checking hero aids in arena
- Allied arena building HP increased while attacking.
- Reduced last tier from 260k to 250k
- Added arena scrolls x5 (in 2 tiers of 2 and 3 arena scrolls)
- Increased total mutagen to 5k. 3 tiers: 500, 1500 and 3000
- Added a choice based reward similar to A guild united or enlightment attribute selection. Every tier (3 tiers) pick 1. Three in total among:
                            1 Ancient Spirit
                            2 Glory Eggs
                            5 Cursed tokens
                            1 Spirit Crystal
                            50 Talent Refreshment Beads
- A guild united
                            When playing a game mode, earns the possibility to contribute manually when a trial comes up. For example: you join campaign clash. Afterwards, a campaign clash comes up. You can go and tap into it and 1 contribution is added.
- Lords Gone Wild, Wishing Tree, Spend & Win Big and other similar events should be specialized every now and then, and have good deals. Specialties:
                            Hero Shards and hero evolution essences
                            Resources (Rings, mutagen, gold, souls, ancient spirits, orbs of gleaning, etc.)
                            Utilities (Glory eggs, cursed tokens, building scrolls, arena scrolls, talent refreshment beads, etc.)
Lack of good spending events can make the game pointless
Battle Square
- Death-Marked spell should not be stopped by anything expect taunt, making 2 random heroes to avoid first taunt
- Increased badges reward from 80 to 120
- Some people have problems to attack several times a day. Option: deactivate chests of 2 hours. Only 4h, 8h and 12h
- Option: you can now cancel a chest without any cost
- Resetting the season won´t make you lose any points to a maximum of 500
- Added a warning when you manually reset the season and have more badges than allowed
- Reduced last tier requirement from 3k to 2.5k fame. Readjusted the rest of the rewards
- When reaching 2.5k you are given automatically the daily reward without having to battle
- Losing against someone who has already 2.5k won´t make you lose points. If the enemy surrenders before the first 12 seconds of battle you won´t gain points either
- Surrender option will be available 5 seconds before
Ancient Relic
- Increased max level by 2, giving more Mystic Crystals in every stage
- Increased the items in the mystic shop by 4 (2 columns). All 3 mystic shops will now offer both mystic crystals in exchange of gold and orbs of gleaning in exchange of mystic crystals
- Removed items purchased by jewels
- Added extra items that can be purchased by mystic crystals
- The whole number of mystic crystals earned (purchased by gold not included) is identical to the number of them required to purchase orbs of gleaning. The rest of them can be invested in spells and other mystic shop items.  
- Increased the number of targets by 10 (every spell). Increased area by 1 (every spell)
- Changed Healing Currents: it now grants DMG RED and adds a healing factor by a percentage of the average max hero HP
- Changed Magmafied: it now reduces DMG dealt by the enemy buildings. It also deals more damage that escalates with enemy building HP
- Reduced the time needed for all spells to 5 minutes. (30 minutes if 6 spells)
- You can pick a base spell and 1 or 2 secondary spells. The base spell will have 3 or 4 slots. The secondary will have 2 or 3 slots (can be mixed). Maximum is 6 spells. A possible layout: 4 allied wings, 1 Healing Currents and 1 Magmafied. Another: 3 allied wings, 3 Magmafied
- New dungeons available in different tiers of difficulty
- Defensive dungeons added
- Completing missions (get all stars, clear all of a certain difficulty…) should provide rewards such as a glory statue (that expires when you get another mission and unlock a similar but better one)
- Increased chances from 5 to 10
- Other rewards can and should be added
Guild Quests
- Visual sign in the townhall when there is a new guild quest
- Increased time to complete them by 1 hour (1k), 3 hours (2k), and 4 hours (3k) 
- You can now pick some quests to autojoin them when they are about to expire. A quest turns green when enough people have resources to autojoin a quest upon expiring. If more players than necessary can join it, they will be picked randomly. You can still join them manually to make sure you get the rewards
- Warn sign when you try to join twice
- Visual mark added quest in the list when you already joined it
Alchemy Workshop
- Option: pay double for a prize and get double reward (same preparation time)
- Reduced time of 24h to 23h
- Reduced time of 48h to 46h
- More heroes should fit in 1 alchemy level. No more levels should be added in a very long time.
- Ancient Spirit preparation time reduced to 23h
Trevi fountain
- Increased the chance to get a blessing
- Blessing that lowers the level requirement for evolution deleted if your player level is high enough. Similar effect on similar blessings

Hero Hires
- Deleted: x3 hero hires
- Added: “Resource hires”. For 1000 jewels you do a x3 resource hire. Every one with a 33% of chance of getting 1 of these items:
                            1 Ancient Spirit
                            1 MegaGlory Egg
                            4000 rings
                            4000 mutagens
                            2 Glory Eggs
If not gotten a reward from the pool you get 5 coral Exp eggs or 3 chests of 5 million gold.
- x10 hires price reduced to 1000 jewels.
- Choice: now you can make it impossible to hire a hero if you have enlightment level 1 on it (limited to 10 heroes)
- Choice: you can now disable hiring any of the 5 newest heroes
- Chances of getting a second epic hero increased to 50%

Thank you all, had fun with you. I hope one day you get the game we deserved.

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Posted on 10/19/17 6:51:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am sorry to hear that you are quitting. Have been learn a lot from your posts or response!

Posted on 10/19/17 11:51:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

solid last post... nice way to go out. hopefully they listen.

Yea Games
Posted on 10/20/17 3:52:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice one, Asacio.

Sorry to see you leaving.
My (very small) contribution to your wishlist:
Battle Square: add possibility to pause a chest and start another of your choice. One opened, automatically start the paused one.