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[Chat(Android)] need help, maybe from mod

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Posted on 10/9/17 3:48:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i play bth in col2 and col2:italian server. actually we have a big problem with the global chat. since 2 months THOUSANDS of arabic player start to create fake account and spam. i think they are bot because they are online 24/24 hours. e check day after day. we have reported this for days at the italian support. but they NEVER, NEVER reply to us. can you tell me what we have to do? actually its impossible write in the global because that spam.

maybe some bra**less can tell me "you are racist", but actually i want to play, and i think a bot can be banned and go playing in the arabic server.
p.s. in 2 months they never levelled. they don't play, just use always the global chat

Posted on 10/10/17 6:25:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'll see who I can get in touch with and I'll let you know. I'll need a while though. Keep asking every day for the status and I'll reply it here. It's very annoying for players to properly play if you can't have a genuine discussion or chat with all the spam in between.

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