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[Chat(Android)] Lost my android data

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Posted on 9/21/17 2:58:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everyone. So i'm not getting an anwser from support , i think i'll write here then. I lost all of my adnroid data, there was no save in google play for some reason and i didnt link my facebook because i dont have one. Is it possible to get my acc back??? I have made some purchases in the past , maybe that would help.

Posted on 9/21/17 6:54:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I´m not an expert and someone probably knows more because this is really something live support should do. There are two ways of login into the game guest login or facebook login.

Everyone should really do Facebook login, since they don´t use FB, we have people with similar problems coming here and asking every now and then. If your device stopped working how would you continue playing? Or if you lost it, how would you play? Google play doesn´t save any progress of the game. If you want to have your account in another device, even with the same google play account, you need a facebook login in the other device. Some games initiate Google Play Games and have some sort of saving and that is visible when you open the app, not in this one.

I would try several times in live support. If they don´t help or don´t give you a satisfactory answer, submit a ticket. They will contact you via email in some days. Only IGG can link your account to a facebook account so that you can log now. Create one only for the game, that is what I did.

If in the end you don´t get the account back ask Google Play for the money back and say that it is IGG´s fault because you purchased something and the account is gone. I don´t have any experience on that but maybe you can get a refund or even use it to pressure IGG to solve the problem.

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Posted on 9/22/17 4:00:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks Asacio for your full answer. I'm Still waiting for an answer from someone i send my info to :) hope i'll get it back . Facebook sucks....