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[Chat(Android)] HEROES TO USE ?

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Posted on 9/18/17 1:13:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am coming back after long time in game so unable to understand what will be good heroes now for LL & GC. Please suggest whom to use & upgrade.

AD - 180 PISCES - ENL 11 - skill 20
SM - 195 CAPRICORN - sk 20
PG - 191 SAGITTARIUS - sk 21
CHIRON - 185 LIBRA - sk 18
LS - 185 CAPRICORN - sk 20
AMBRO - 180 CAPRICORN sk- 20
GS - 170 AQUARIUS - sk 20
WT - 165 LEO - sk 18
TS - 165 CANCER sk 18
WOLF - 145 ARIES sk 16
           Rmains have 5x PG 2x brk RV, AL, DR, SAP, ENCH, BULL, ARCANE (12 GLORY), IRON. don't have any new heroes.

Pls suggest me good team for LL & GC. as currently using LS, GS, AD, AMBRO, TS. but not more success.

Posted on 9/18/17 1:32:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For offense in LL and GC, I use Toxic, Amber, Ench, Sage and Abyss.  

For LL and GC defense, I use Toxic, Amber, Ench, Wonton and Wolf.

For reserves I use Arcane, Renee Ven, and Stormride and Carol Dbelle.

These all work well for me but they are higher and enchanted where possible and most glyphed a bit.

I'd work on toxic, amber and abyss the most because they heal and do damage. 

Generally, enlighten to lvl 13 to get 4th divine and lvl 15 insight before moving on to next. Obviously get their skill lvls maxed if you can too.

Hope that helps.