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[Chat(Android)] Playing my account in an other flatform

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Posted on 9/12/17 9:13:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have played COL2 with English version on my Android device.
Now, I want to play my IGG account on my iPad. Could I do this?

Posted on 9/13/17 2:13:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not sure as I don't have an iPad. However, since I can safely assume that particular device is using the appstore, I'm pretty sure that it's not possible to play on your Android account there. So no.

What you could do is try an emulator, however, those are only available on the computer as far as I know.
- Nox is a good one, but has a tendency to crash (but that might be because I open multiple instances of the emulator at once)
- Bluestacks (version 1 and 2) is good as well, however, there are ads below the emulator and when it switches ad, you can't do anything for 2 seconds. This is lethal in coliseum and battle square. However, this emulator has never crashed on its own.

Happy clashing!

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