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[Chat(Android)] Best skills for rath and pan goli. And who to enlighten

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Posted on 8/26/17 10:00:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Have a choice between pg and rath to take up as next hero. Currently line up is TS at 19 enlighten and AC and 16 enlighten. Not sure of taking them further gives a good ROI for now. Need to choose between PG and Rath. Others in line up include wolf as tank, LS, GS, Abyss reasonably strong.
Need to know what are the best skills for both and which one makes sense in going ahead. I see glyphs playing a large role as we go into the game. PG will become less powerful with so many skill damage mods. But it's damage potential is unquestionable. Have AC and adding rath makes me wonder if I am just getting too many control heroes and got enuf to just whack the hell.  Can always switch on wolf mode and it does insane same while AC becomes tank (it's a pretty good tank).pls help