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Posted on 8/7/17 4:09:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, please help me chose my future heroes.
I have no clue what to invest and what to not

These are my heroes, and i most invested in chiron obviously (i played a year ago am now i returned back to game) 
Chiron has:lv 16 skill, 500 enchanted crystals, lv 32 mercenary+1 skill, and two glyps(50k hp +3k atk)
Pounder has:lv 10 skill, 32 e.c. , lv 24 mercenary
Pan goli:lv 17 skill, lv 30 mercenary, 32 e.c.
Renee ven: lv 8 skill, lv 25 mercenary, no e.c.
Abyss demon: lv 9 skill, lv 22 mercenary, 20e.c.
Arctic lord: lv 7 skill, lv 22 mercenary
Great sage: lv 8 skill, lv 30 mercenary

What i should do? 
What i should invest for?
In battles i see a hero who is tanking all of my heroes and i have no fk clue how they do that
Please help me!

Posted on 8/7/17 7:41:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Stop upgrading heroes unless they are the best of the best. The tank you are facing could be landslide (he is green) or wolvenfiend (a human who turns into a wolf)

So I just answered a very similar question... I guess I´m going to copy and paste my list xD

Heores you shouldn´t use 
Air Elite
Glory Priestess
Blitz Bomber (the worst hero of the game)
Savage Chief
Carol d´Belle

Heroes you can use. But I don´t recommend them

Sapphirix (the worst of this section)
Skull Mage (the best of this section )
Demon Slayer
Artic Lord
Dark Rider

Heroes you can use that I think are competitive
The Berserker
Wolvenfiend (some might argue he should be on top heroes)

Top heroes. I would use only heroes from this section but this is based on my opinion
Abyss Demon
Great Sage
Renee Ven
Pan Goli
Toxic Shaman
Arcane Caster
Won Ton

Every hero has their own strengh, weakness and their own fuction in the team. A team should be balanced (have a tank, a healer or resurrection, dmg dealer, area damage...).

If I were to upgrade my team from scrath I would make different choices.
I would go for Rath, Landslide, Renee Ven, Toxic Shaman and Ironclad. Or something similar. But ultimately it is all about your choice and your strategy. There is no specific right answer to the request "pick a team of 5 heroes".

I´ve also noticed that a lot of new players upgrade more than 5 heroes at once. That is suicide. Focus your recources! GL

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Posted on 8/7/17 9:03:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well i guess i fk* up ..
I will use this team until i will get the others.
Thank you!

Posted on 8/7/17 2:59:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I recommend very strongly that you choose 5 good heroes and concentrate your efforts on those five until you have them reasonably capable.

Abyss Demon (heals/tanks when higher), Toxic Shaman (heals and damage), Ambrosia (range on Defense, aoe damage, heals), Great Sage (rage/divne damage) and Wolfenfiend (tank/aid/doubles as dps in certain situations)will do you fine for a long while both offensively and defensively.  

You can add a few really helpful all around heroes such as Enchantress and Rath.  Landslide is a great tank too.  Wonton is great for arena and base defense IMO.  Depends what you have available to you.

Do not forget your aids.  Enchantress, Pangoli, Berserker, Ravager, Stormrider, Rath, Wolvenfiend and Blockhead make great aids.  Aids make a huge difference.  

Saph is an ok aid I still use because I can't afford another and Saph is good for a flyer team.  Ironclad, djinni, bull I'd skip as well as most of the really old start up heroes.

When deciding whether to invest in a hero, look to see if they are "required" like Amber on Defense or "best hero in game" like Toxic.   If not required or best, are they a great aid?  

As important to hero selection are your weapons!  Hero usefulness changes, weapons last forever!  Bow on Amber for defense.  Tyrants Brand on big hitters.   Thunder blade on Abyss!  Multiple brands and blades are useful IMO.  Multiple Demonic Axe is helpful against guild boss.

Hope this helps.