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[Chat(Android)] New to the game need help

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Posted on 8/5/17 8:19:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Which heroes would be best to level up for beginning stages on the game have these ones:
Savage chief
Glory priestess
Renee ven
Dark rider
Demon slayer
Skull mage


Posted on 8/5/17 11:09:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The best out of these is Renee ven that too when she is at least pisces. Do not spend anything on Glory priestess, dark rider and savage cheif. They are THE MOST useless heroes along with few others. Skull mage is goid for few game modes and is a really good aid too. Same can be said about chiron. Fir now you can invest in these three. In future you will get more better heroes like toxic shaman ambrosia and great sage.

Posted on 8/6/17 1:04:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd go with Renee Ven, Demon Slayer, Skull Mage, Chiron

Posted on 8/6/17 7:03:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi! You were given some of the worst advice. Don´t upgrade Demon Slayer or Chiron.

Some heroes haven´t received enlightment. That means we still don´t know how good they are trully going to be in the future. I´m going to give a general idea about who is good and who is not. Every hero is useable but clearly some are worse than others.

Heores you shouldn´t use 
Air Elite
Glory Priestess
Blitz Bomber (the worst hero of the game)
Savage Chief
Carol d´Belle

Heroes you can use. But I don´t recommend them

Sapphirix (the worst of this section)
Skull Mage (the best of this section )
Demon Slayer
Artic Lord
Dar Rider

Heroes you can use that I think are competitive
The Berserker
Wolvenfiend (some might argue he should be on top heroes)

Top heroes. I would use only heroes from this section but this is based on my opinion
Abyss Demon
Great Sage
Renee Ven
Pan Goli
Toxic Shaman
Arcane Caster
Won Ton

Let me remind you I might add heroes to the top section when enlightment gets unlocked. For example Renee Ven is in this section because her enlightment is absolutely incredible. But the general idea is here.

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