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[Chat(Android)] were should I use arcane caster?

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Posted on 7/21/17 9:35:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

on what modes should I use her

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I will always recommend using the same 5 heroes in every game mode, at least when you start playing. Unless you spend money.

Arcane Caster is valid in every game mode. At the end of the day it is all about who you already have in the team and what a hero add ing up. No hero is perfect in every single game mode by themselves. It is the combination of all of them what really matters

Based on my opinion:

- Defence
- ElDorado
- Guild Boss
- Arena: she ends the enemy tank very quickly with her divine. Very useful if you use a strategy of killing the enemy fast.
- Hero Trials: since she is an air unit she makes every final ground unit useless
- Coliseum: PvP modes in general are a strenght of AC

- Guild Clash
She works good against targets with high HP such us boosted buildings or heroes. If you have her skill in lvl 30 she can deal a decent ammount of dmg to two targets. However there are better choices for such purposes. 
She can still contribute to killing the enemy faster, reducing their damage and playing her role in the team. Not every hero you use for guild clash has to have area damage. Sometime killing the enemy heroes is the hardest part. So I would consider her a neutral option as she also heals herself during the battle againts a boosted base

- Lords League: She lacks area dmg to kill a base. She can add up by taking out enemy heroes but when that is done other heroes do better in destroying a base. Her skill when buildings die relatively fast is a waste of rage
- Battle Royal: She deals decent dmg but there are far better choices

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