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Posted on 7/15/17 1:58:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yo, wtf do you do against this retarded unfair unbalanced bullshit?

Posted on 7/15/17 2:19:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Is good strat.  I do the same thing on my 4 accounts witih 22 goli.
What do u do tho? lvl ur own goli, lvl a upshields, lvl up arcane caster.

otherwise just take the loss, no big deal.  NOt like u lose much points from a loss in colo.

Posted on 7/15/17 10:25:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pangoli divine is the fastest divine which can be activated in colesium and battle square. Not sure anything can be done against it.
And guys enlightenment for pangoli is costly and should we force everyone to get a pangoli .

If anyone has got better counters kindly share.

PS: Enchantress aid is useless cause pangoli kills in seconds even b4 enchantress aid can be  of any use.

Posted on 7/15/17 10:54:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have 7 enlightented heroes vs his 2x enlightened heroes.
You should be asking yourself why you matched up with him in the first place.
You lost because he put all his stuff into pan goli while u spread your resources.
You also have very low equipment power compared to him so he will do more damage to you.

Change ur focus instead of crying for nerfs.  They already buffed the tower for colo to give it even more hps.  Just because you fucked up and didn't max your enlightens shouldn't mean you should cry when you lose vs someone who optimized his colo team.

you have the tools, you obviously spent money.  lvl a shield, use arcane caster to reflect and kill his goli, maybe hit ur divine on ur goli faster?  maybe lvl up ur goli?  AC can pop her divine just as fast.  Kick him first, lock him with ur monkey since he has no enchantress, and is using ambro.

I don't one shot everyone like this plenty of people can survive the initial fireballs, and I do even more dmg than he does with ironclad aid, IE my goli hits ur tower for 1.4m sometimes.

what player lvl are you cause your tower has very low hps.  He was only doing 700k dmg to it, but nearly one shotting your base.   It's your fault for not putting your strongest heroes first, thus giving him a huge attack advantage.