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[Chat(Android)] Which enlightment

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Posted on 7/4/17 12:55:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, who do u think is better to enlight my pan goli or my rath? Both can go to lvl13 easily

Posted on 7/6/17 5:31:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The reason that this question has not yet been answered is because we need more information about your team. What are the heroes at, what's your strategy, etc. If you'd like to share that first with us, it would give the information that is needed to answer your question

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Posted on 7/6/17 7:43:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pan Goli

- Burst DMG
- Knockback strategy
- Wizards (mercenary strategy)
- Good for defence

- Low Health
- No survivability
- Bust DMG can be countered, even assuming you use a good Tyrants Brand

- Counters enchantress aid and deals direct dmg (very good in high levels)
- Reduces enemy DMG (atk, skill dmg...) and makes it harder for them to use skills at all
- Survivability: Heals himself and steals healing
- Counters healing
- Wizards too
- His debuff can be transfered by arcane caster
- If the enemy has no enchantress aids it loses some potential: in lower levels he won´t be that good

To sum up:
Depends on your needs.
Do you use skull mage? knockback strategy? do you use toxic shaman? maybe you don´t need a way to counter healing.
Do you prefer to be good at arena? battle royale? defence? guild boss?
I would definetly prefer pan goli for defence in guild clash (depending on how high leveled my base is) but unlike some people I would prefer rath in arena because sometimes the whole dispelling negative statuses can be what is keeping you from winning. Dont forget that if you have 60% HP and you go directly to 10% it you skip the healing of enchantress of 40 and 20%. Some people use knockbacks in arena and they keep constantly stunning and they never give the enemy a chance. Pan Goli would now be 100% your pic.

I use arcane caster and her insight is level 20. Still, sometimes a single skill, with all the reduced skill dmg, can one shot an allied hero. Specially Pan Goli. Thats why I would like to have rath, so he reduces the skill dmg of 2 random enemy heroes and reduce their ATK. If even then, a skill can kill me in 1 shot I don´t know what I would do. Probably look for appropiate glyphs

When people usually ask they don´t provide enough information about their set up and what do they want to focus on. You can give more info and we will give our opinions!

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Posted on 7/8/17 7:05:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rath is the best in colisem. No question about it

Pan Goli is probably better in defence if you have almost finished upgrading sniper towers (specially in guild clash defence). If not, knockback in defence is still more valuable than we think.
Both are top in battle square since PG one shots most heroes and Rath makes it very hard to use skills you have wolvenfiend so it would be a piece of cake if the enemy doesn´t use any skills.

I would personally go for Rath, but you have so much healing, dmg red and resurrection, you could easily use PG and kill people faster.
Some might disagree but I feel like in late game Rath would be a little bit better, but it all depends on the meta. They released a couple of aid skills nerfing burst DMG. Maybe they will release another that nerfs DoTs like the one of Rath. Or maybe they will release a skill or fortitude that makes you immune to negative statuses so the direct dmg of dispelling never happens. You never really know.

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Posted on 7/12/17 7:43:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Remember that with Rath enlightenment comes his insight skill where he literally has a 50% chance to steal enemy heals while his divine is active. If he wasn't already insane enough, that puts it way over the top.


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