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[Chat(Android)] 2 Gold demonic axe for 30k ?

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Posted on 6/3/17 5:14:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys, i'm a little bit confused i've 50k jewels now and i wanna spend 30k for the 2 gold +1 demonic axes today on LGW, but i was saving for the 85k jewels and spend them on secret vault for the +3 tyrant brand, maybe i'will be able to'take it and maybe not coz there's only 1 available, so plz advice me what should i do wait and don't spend today 30k for the 2 demonic axe gold +1 or wait .. ?

Posted on 6/3/17 5:51:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Tough choice, do you have any maxed brands? Both moves will add a similar amount of power.

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Posted on 6/12/17 4:19:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Late reply, but buying the Orange Weapons from LGW is by far the biggest upgrade you'll ever see from any spend event. 30k spent = 350 weapon power even if it's used on an aid. Not a single other spend even comes even close to the strength your team gains from that weapon power. Not even the current 5 Ancient Spirits for 25k in the Wishing Tree. The latter is close, but weapons will still win.

Weapon Power is way too strong and important in this game, unless you have an orange weapon on every aid, it'll be the best upgrade to aim for. Personally I'll probably start skipping weapons from LGW (if I have the jewels) once most if not all aids have one.