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[Q&A Zone] Hero assist

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How can I understand which hero aid fits a certain hero on defence or offence?

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Now That, is a good question.

To truly know what makes a hero strong, you will need to understand the anatomy of that hero.
Color guides:
Suitable for tank
Suitable for damager
Suitable for support
Suitable for everyone
Suitable for a combination

Tank heroes must get a hero aid that makes them tank even better. The hero aids that are currently available in the game which make tanks even better:
Won Ton, for a higher dodge rate
Ambrosia, for an increased healing rate
Storm Rider, for increased dmg resistence
Enchantress, to dispell bleeding and other negative effects
Arctic Lord, to get a massive dmg reduction in the first x seconds when a hero attacks
The Berserker, to get no more dmg after the hero received 15% of his max hp
Chiron or Toxic Shaman, for a tank, a high reflection is never bad. They can withstand a lot of dmg, so why not take your enemy down with it?
Hydrasauor Savage Chief give increased hp, but are generally not that good in comparison to the other hero aids

Support heroes usually don't do a lot of dmg and are there solely for strategic reasons. Those include: reviving heroes, making sure they don't die very easily, some other heroes alike. The support heroes are usually the hardest to find out their needs as some need to use their skill as often as possible, some just need a high atk rate for their strategic value to work, some need to live as long as possible to give others a good supply of their actions.
This means that this category is very subjective. The hero aids that generally work well on these heroes is the PBE combination, to make them outlive most attacks which happen to be collateral damage. The PBE combination is Pan Goli, The Berserker and Enchantress.
Here are some exclusions:
Abyss Demon and Wolvenfiend (Damager/Support) need to have high atk rate to make them work really well. The high atk rate on Abyss Demon allows for high healing, but he is also a hero with a great offensive value. So he will merge in both the support role as well as the damager role.
Wolvenfiend can be used as tank, balanced or damager. But either way for a tank or balanced role, he will support the other heroes because he can instantly change to a damager type if he has the opportunity to do so.

Damager heroes must get a hero aid that makes them deal more damage even better. The hero aids that are currently available in the game which make damagers shine:

Multiple Rath aids, to remove the pesky Pan Goli aid or dmg reduction or anything else that may aid the opposing heroes.
Blockhead and Bullhead aids used both on 1 hero are usually going to empower each other. When Bullhead aid procs, the enemy takes more dmg. The faster the Bullhead aid procs, the more dmg the enemy hero takes.
Enchantress, to keep the main damager up and running
The Berserkerto get no more dmg after the hero received 15% of his max hp
Pan Goli, to stop the enemy from wiping your hero off the field in 1 strike in case The Berserker aid doesn't work
Ironclad, to do more dmg against buildings in Guild Clash. This racks up the score immensely
Djinni, to add more crit rate and crit dmg. This may wipe out a hero in only 1 strike, which is what you're generally aiming for on one-shot heroes like Pan Goli
Skull Mage, Hydrasaur or Sapphirix, but these are generally weaker aids in comparison to other hero aids.
Demon Slayer, but only if your line up relies on a mercenary strategy

I hope that this answers all your questions you may have regarding hero aids.

Happy clashing!

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Thnks Drag... ND Drag I them for any type of assist like assist1 or 2 or 3?..any where?