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[Chat(Android)] Enlightenment choice help

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Posted on 4/16/17 9:08:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone,
   I already have enlightened Amb and AD. Both are at enlightenment level 16 with max insight. I am not going to invest more in them for a while. I have enough resourses to enlighten one more hero. I am torn between PG and TS. I was planning to enlighten my PG because  PG is absolute beast after sufficiently high enlightenment. However i use my PG only for defense and I use my TS everywhere including defence. So now I am doubting if PG should be my next choice. How good is TS after enlightenment.

Posted on 4/18/17 9:05:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

TS doesn't get much better in my experience, but that is on my alt which has a TS enlightened at level 5, and the rest of his heroes are level 120 XD

PG has had some good and bad stories. It's either a go full or a loss. PG is not that useful in gb (except for 1 kick in the face of the wizard elder) and br he is particularly useful for his wizard mercs. TS would have my hopes a lot higher here honestly. It's also a lot more fun to watch your opponents atk rate getting reduced to a small crawl where everyone will just struggle in some heavy mud to stay alive. PG bleed is counterable with ET aid. I'd go with TS

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