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[Chat(Android)] Returned back to this game - Any effective way to get EXP eggs fast?

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Posted on 3/18/17 3:01:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Title - I have returned to this game after several months and have gotten several heroes I haven't had before from anniversary and Lords Gone Wild (toxic shaman, rath, and ironclad). I'm having a bad enough time as it is leveling heroes, and now I have 3 more to worry about. I've done everything that I know I can do to get EXP eggs but I'm still struggling. Is there any way to consistently get eggs that aren't as a daily reward? Thanks

Posted on 3/18/17 4:07:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well for now it is still same method of gainning gold exp eggs. No changes.

Posted on 3/18/17 8:50:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Alchemy Workshop, and then sometimes from chests from donating to guild bot. But alchemy workshop could be your most consistent one

Posted on 3/18/17 10:52:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The only way you can level up heroes is campaign clash. Search on YouTube campaign clash level up heroes.