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[Chat(Android)] Hero Essence is the problem!

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Posted on 1/10/17 9:40:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Every week there are peoples whining about unfair matchmaking in different events: Coliseum, GC, Arena and more to comes.
But have they ever thought what casuing the unfair matchmaking?
I have seen alot of players which have higher lvl heroes than me around lvl 190-200 and some enlighted at lvl 1 and insight at lvl 1.Theirs hero skills arent even at lvl 20. Also have only 1 or 2 hero aid slots with really BAD hero aids.
With hero essence released and its possible to rush heroes and that is the MAIN CULPRIT of unfair matchmaking.

Low lvl players with heroes at lvl they suppose not having at heirs current lvl. Not talking about GC matching will be total screwed up!

I dont mind about hero essence, since it does saves up mutagens/rings/souls/hero shards. But if peoples are using it to speed up heroes evolves and sure they will be total screwed. It will give them a real hard time on events liks GC/coliseum/arena and future events updates.

Hero essence is both good and bad. It does saves alot resources for players but also screw it up real bad for many players. If peoples decide to bypass evolve requirements and you got to face the consequences of all unfair matching.

Posted on 1/10/17 10:27:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

beacause of them, ppl should improve their aid heroes first before use EE to evol their main heroes. Many ppl evol their main hero to pisces but their heroes skill didn't reach lvl 20, and their aid hero is very bad. Many ppl stronger than me in gc system matchup, but they lost when meet me at coliseum, and dmg at GB is lower than me.

Posted on 1/11/17 1:49:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Coliseum is broken anyways

Using essence to evolve benefits every other game mode. There is little point holding back when all you're doing is making a single game mode easier

I'm one of the people who use essence to get very high evolutions before leveling the hero properly. While coliseum is bad, I can make it much farther in arena, perform better in LL, and do better everywhere else in the game. No regrets

Posted on 1/11/17 5:34:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

problem is they don't give enough weight to high enlighten and skill levels, prob just counting if they are enlightned or pisces or what.