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[Chat(Android)] GC Matchmaking and trophy dropping...

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Posted on 5/17/16 12:14:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

W83, there is a flaw in your reasoning.
If one doesn't have much time to play, losing quickly all 10 LL battles is better than not attacking at all, making it easier to farm mutagen the next day.

Posted on 5/17/16 1:04:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

When I first asked whether IGG was lying or just incompetent, everyone was pretty sure about trophies influence in GC matchmaking except for a few people.

After a lot of effort and insistence, IGG finally admitted that trophies have no influence. I even believe that they changed this behaviour in the last weeks.

However, I insisted that they were still lying or at least not telling the whole truth.

Now, for the second time they admit that there are other factors.
Funnily enough, they call it a random factor. Given IGG's reputation, I don't buy it that this factor is only to prevent the same guilds to be matched week after week.

After several lies, after the previous thread about GC matchmaking being closed without any justification, after IGG's attempts to hide other "random" factors, I continue to suspect that IGG may be benefiting those guilds which give them more money.

Whether these suspicions are true or not, everyone should urge them to be open and honest. If this is to be considered too naive, then everyone should urge them to offer fair GC macthups.

It's very easy for IGG to take into account that there are heroes better than others, for example. It is and always have been very easy for IGG to correct their algorithm. They simply don't want to do it and keep BSing us as far as we "allow" them. It's up to us to keep pressing them enough, hoping that they won't BS us any more.

Posted on 5/17/16 5:07:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I got here a couple of weeks of GC data. From looking at the GRank separations from our match ups, it's very easy to see that it either doesn't matter, like W said, or that it works like the signup #, in ranges; in this case as loose as 27-2xx, which is a pretty huge gap. Personally, I have to agree with W because I just don't see any correlation between trophy/guild rank vs. gc match ups. In any case, if the guys that are constantly suppressing their trophy trying to get easier opponents AND failing, try doing the opposite. Raise your trophies to as high as possible and try to see if you get matched up with even beastier opponents. I mean, what do you have to loss, you're getting screwed anyway? At least, if it happens that you get slaughtered even faster than before, maybe, just maybe trophies matter. I would attempt this with my guild, but I don't have control and we have a lot of 'passive' players, including myself. 1 more thing that your guild could do is try skimming your 'top' players according to GC signup and see if it helps with match up. For us, there's a few on top that doesn't even end up as keeps. If it does make it better consecutively, probably should tell em to let go(dust) of their 'older' heroes.

On another note, signup # seems to play a MAJOR factor in determining match ups and I think that should be scrapped. I have no idea how matching is way in the top but if the #1 and #2 guild can avoid each other almost constantly, the other 6 guilds are probably gonna be upset. Now by no means that a guild with 10 ppl should matched up with another with 40. But if IGG can gauge players, by whatever methods they use, they could easily use those parameters, (total player power) & (average player power) for ppl that signed up, I think they can match up guilds pretty evenly. If it so happens that a guild is matched up with another that has more than 5 extra ppl IGG could just implement a 'Buy more chances with jewels' option for ppl that has already finished their 3 atks and paying amount will be adjusted according to dmg/points already acquired.

Lastly, on how IGG actually calculates player power. If they are gauging every hero the same, much like they do AutoRR calcs, then they really need to change it. It really isn't that F**KING hard to apply a multiplier to some freaking number and ppl's been saying it for ages. So, c'mon IGG wake the F**K up. If you need 'actual' numbers how about running some simulations in the dev build with maxed out heroes 1v1 and determine individual win ratio and use that as a bases for the multiplier. I mean, I'm sure you guys already have done so, how else are you getting those dust numbers?...

That's my 2cents, thanks for reading.

Posted on 5/18/16 6:29:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I certainly didn't mean to come off like that, wording issues and what not, but my point was that W83 is one of us fighting to improve our game play and he/ you certainly wouldn't listen to IGG rhetoric. For that I apologize as I rushed it and editted poorly and I know more than most about his personal feelings and would NEVER be IGGs bitch. Anger was @ IGG rhetoric only.

My lower guild is for finding young talent out of the box so its just very young players. Basically those low players do run up trophies quite high and have nothing past a possible Virgo but fight 150 Pisces SH because of high trophies.

The higher guild I cleaned house and there are no low end epics with high evo's at all. Previously there was a 130 w a Capricorn Pounder w high trophies and we got 50ked  in a few hours almost every round
Basically it was our main core of 5+ and some low levels up and coming up after I booted very good players including above who refused to listen to our elders and we finally got to 2nd place after months.

We still fight guild level ranks in top 50 and 100 oft though we are @ a much lower trophy rank but it's not another 2 great teams.

Frankly I booted all of the talent because of bad GC matching but the guild suffered in BR and quild quests being unfulfilled so having a low member count hurts.

Once I filled the guild with crap players who are very low their high trophies became instant 50k again and again.

GC matchups have been horrible to many. . Since its inception every okay to great player takes a loss as an issue with the guild and runs away when it's often not the guilds fault unless your in an uber guild, top *

So yes trophies make a difference but it has nothing to do with power rankings, my okay Capricorn high guys were the same result as of a bunch of meh level 30+s. GC has no means but to make us spend or quit a good guild or boot a good player.

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Posted on 5/19/16 12:48:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*sigh* We're ranked 26 facing rank 8,10, and 27. In the bottom rung again.

Posted on 5/19/16 2:37:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

While the #1 guild is fighting rank 50s and stuff

Posted on 5/19/16 2:49:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Everyone has legitimate complaint on gc . How does the number 1 ranked and number 6 ranked guild get to play a guild ranked in the 30s . One guild has over 35 people with 4k trophies , the guild I'm in 0 over 4k ,

Posted on 5/19/16 3:53:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can you guys post here the name of the guilds that were matched together?

Posted on 5/19/16 5:45:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Our matchup this week:
Guild - GC participants - Guild Rank
ClashersUnited2 - 44 members - ranked 48
Renegades -  40 members - ranked 25
french - 42 members - ranked 47
vampires - 43 members - ranked 55

all guilds lvl 4

If looking at rank alone this matchup is easier for us than last week and last week we were about around rank 85 or so.

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Posted on 5/19/16 5:59:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Basically here's how I think it works.
Your top 5 heroes are those who earn the most gold for you in auto raid. Select your top ones and then look at your gold total/10 min. That's your top 5 hero value.
I only use 3 of my top 5 heroes when attacking.

That number and total equipment power is added up for every member participating in GC. Then they are matched with other guilds. Some guilds might have a similar number of "points" as another guild does with more members and that's where number discrepancies come into play. I believe there's also a +/- x% margin to ensure matchups are made.

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