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[Chat(Android)] 2016 Suggestion List

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Posted on 1/3/17 4:06:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


I would like to see something new for the CoL2 guilds.
Currently there are only Elder and Member ranks.
Elder rank is generally used to thank and reward loyal and active members.
But as a CoL2 Guildleader and former guildleader in other games, i would like to request an extra rank specificly for CO-leaders.
For me personal this has always been very usefull in leading and managing a guild well.
Leading a guild well is quite a time-consuming task and as a father and full time working player i can use all the help available so i can spend more time with family and real life friends :-)
So it would be much appreciated if a multiple usable CO-leader rank could be adder zuring the next update :-)
I am certain this would be much appreciated by other CoL2 guildleaders :-)
Thank you.

Kind Regards

Goa-trix aka Trix - Rampage Guild

Posted on 1/10/17 6:30:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Let us check the base and heroes of someone who applies to join the guild. It's really uncomfortable for both sides to accept someone you have to kick again a minute later, because he doesn't meet the requirements. 

Update the rewards for Guild Clash, Battle Royal, Campaign Clash and so on, they really are outdated

Give us another opportunity what to do with our heroes we don't need. I have 120(yes I counted them!) heroes laying around from rolling aso which I can't use as mine are maxed and I already have 3 maxed more as aid. Already sharded tons of it but what to do with 50k powder? you don't need a lot of it, as the creation of items goes that slow. 

Please give us another opportunity for using mystic crystals. Everybody has billions of it, which cannot be used. 

In relation to pt. 2,3 and 4, let us exchange heroes and resources within the guild. This would solve the mentioned points. 

Create a spirit crystal for heroes to redo it's stats and get some resources back. Especially helpful if you did something wrong accidentially.

In GC, pls show us, who did not attack. It's a pain finding out who is missing to remind him doing his hits.

Let us share our training ground replays!

Pls redo the base editor! It is so frustrating to build or change your base! You can't place your buildings right, walls are a pain to build aso... it really needs some work! It would already help by adding a grid or something to see where you are. 

Wegamers: What a great idea! But you kind of screwed it up by adding this points system. Noone ever uses it but spamming chronicles and checking in only for points! This could be so great and making 3rd party chats useless if done right! Like it is, actually there's nothing to see there but spam. 

Make it easier for leaders and elders to overview the guild members. Like statistics of dailies of members, gc participation, donation. 

Leaders should get the possibility of setting an entry gem donation limit for participate in gc. For example players can only join if they donated 250 gems to morale or chariot. or at least let me see who did NOT donate. 

Give spenders another long term goal like you did with the Arcane Caster for 600k spent gems.