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Posted on 5/9/16 7:53:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To keep the forums or organized please post all your suggestion Here and we will look in to it.

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Posted on 5/9/16 1:42:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For the love of God let us collect guild clash rewards if we've been kicked at 12:01 on monday.

Posted on 5/9/16 2:33:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We want to know the truth about which factors (and how are they calculated) have influence in GC matchmaking.

To know more about why IGG is lying to all of us, please read the following thread:

EDIT: when I first wrote this reply the title of the thread had the word "complaints", not "suggestions"... :ermm:

Posted on 5/9/16 11:40:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Berserker hero aid makes the extreme high level players virtually invincible. These players have this aid maxed out and on every single hero they use in defending their bases which have virtually all defenses already maxed out as well. Exploitation is not fair.  I don't mind playing with good strategy but this really seems like exploitation to me. Can you consider those of us that spend consistently,  but not more than most people pay for rent or a mortgage every month!

Posted on 5/10/16 3:20:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for creating this new thread. Older one was old and over crowed.

My concern is regarding to "bow." It is great weapon. I gives major boost to heroes and it skill boost to shooter makes shooters as useful as wizards who have very attack and damage now.

Bow skill also do very high damage to surrounding buildings including walls. The feature which is missing in blade.

But it's only fault;  knock back; makes whole weapon useless. I see many lords complaining about it. And i see such a features were taken back from other games.

So pleas fake back bow knockback to make  it more useless than just defending base.

Posted on 5/10/16 3:22:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Add Mutagen to Arena!

Another thing you can do in Arena is to let us see what the persons hero line up looks like before entering battle, same as Hero Trials! its really annoying to go into battle and see the guy is over powered and then end battle etc. It takes time and is annoying.

The Guild Boss is useless and so is the Guild Quests, Really dont see the point in spending all that time to get Guild credits and then get 60 Souls? Whats the point?

Also that little chest where you invite people from fb is useless, remove it!

And how can you put up a trade like yesterday(09/05/16) 4000gems for 88 Talent refresh beats. Its shit! i already have like a 100 of those in my vault i cant use. Cause those talents always refresh to the lowest available talent eg. 1/8 1/5 or whatever! and then 200 gems to "Light One Up" F2P guys are not gonna waste gems like that, its USELESS!

And lastly update the algorithm for Dice rolls, its always the same! and any idiot can see its rigged.

thats just my 2 cents!

I have plenty more suggestions!

Posted on 5/11/16 2:29:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[justify]come have alook at this :  [/justify]

[justify]if its an good idea please let it come into the game :D[/justify]


Posted on 5/11/16 4:36:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

add editing equipment for each hero in Set Formation. right now we can change hero and aids for each mode but we cant do the same for equipment. for example, maybe i want to use thorned bow on my chiron for raids but thunder blade for hero trials. if i change equipment it affects all battle modes. it should be separate.

Posted on 5/11/16 5:28:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't play any games by igg they steal your info via 3 party , expamle linked in , also makes it impossible for people to progress in lvl-ing up the more u play the harder it gets u will never be able to get ahead in this game unless u can afford to spend spend

I'll pimp your momma
Posted on 5/11/16 5:34:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Beermeandrapeme is abusing his MOD powers by removing my comments they are all very helpful

I'll pimp your momma