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[Chat(Android)] Hero HP

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Posted on 2/4/16 9:05:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was wondering how each hero's HP and ATK varies with their evolution and enchantments.... So I decided to calculate them for each hero (that I could find data for!)

Here's the Base HP for each hero:

-Some heroes only have data up to level 180, whilst I couldn't find any for AM,GS,DJ and WT.
-Nothing much surprising here, LS, BK and PD are topping the charts for HP as expected.

So what happens when you account for their evolution:

-SC makes a huge improvement here, and actually becomes healthier than PD.
-BH also remains quite high, even though he isn't evolved yet.
-GP is absolutely pathetic (She'll need a big evolution buff to bring her up to a balanced level).

Now for the coolest part - including enchantments:

-PD and SC actually gain more HP than LS! This is due to their DMG Reduction buffs. To take into account DMG reduction you need to simulate it with a HP increase, which I'll explain below:

What this means is that DMG Reduction has an exponential increase on HP in this way. The larger the DMG Reduction, there will be an even larger HP increase.

It's worth noting that PD and SC experience DMG Reductions of 35% from maxed out enchantments. This 35% is speculated and may not be the correct value. But it's definitely in the 25%-35% ballpark, which would still make PD and SC healthier than LS.

This also means the absolute max HP you can achieve in CoL2 (without skills) will come from PD. And that is:

=2,205,177 HP*

BUTTTT..... You won't see this value in-game. Because the largest portion of it comes from DMG Reduction, and this is a simulated effect - It'll still be there though! What you'll actually see is:
=661,553 HP

*For those interested, these are where the values come from:

110,470 = MAX PD BASE HP
15% Base HP increase from Evolution Buff 1
50% Base HP increase from Evolution Buff 2
35% Base HP increase from Max HP Enchant 1
110% Base HP increase from Max Aid Slot 1
55% Base HP increase from Max Aid Slot 3
40% Base HP increase from Max SC Aid
28% Base HP increase from Max HS Aid
20% Base HP increase from Max SP Aid
7500 HP Bonus from Evolution Buff 1
20000 HP Bonus from Evolution Buff 2
41600 HP Bonus from Max HP Enchant 2
92024 HP Bonus from Max Dragon Heart (Orange, +3, L200)
15% DMG Reduction from 3 Charm Curtain Talents
35% DMG Reduction from Max DMG Reduction Enchant
20% DMG Reduction from Max Dragon Heart (Orange, +3, L200)

Of course this in no way means PD is a better tank than LS or maybe even SC. If you were to apply the same non-pounder specific buffs to LS and SC you'd see their max HP's around the 600,000 mark too. Also, it's worth considering that when LS has his skill maxed out he reaches 60% DMG Reduction. If you apply this to his max HP (without DMG Reduction: 799,636 HP - this is what you'll see in-game) you can hit 95% DMG Reduction:
= 15,992,711 HP

It is believed the cap for DMG Reduction is also 95%. However no-one is really sure because it's so elbow-lickingly impossible to test. Because of this it may be lower.

It's also worth noting how beastly SC becomes considering he receives 85% DMG reduction just
from Divine 3 - which means with all his other buffs he easily hits the fabled 95% DMG reduction cap.
= 12,188,688 HP
Also remember that he heals 10% of his HP every second for 15s which comes out as +60,943 HP/sec (DMG reduction doesn't apply here unfortunately).

This is getting pretty complicated now, so I'll probably make a simplified table of each hero's max visible HP and max achievable HP w/ DMG reduction at some point in the future.
I also had planned on including the same analysis with hero ATK data, but this post became huge enough already so I'll make a separate post for it, also in the future.

As always - lemme know if you think I screwed up anywhere ;)

Edit 1: SC Divine 3 HP and health/sec increase updated.

To conclude with, basically DMG RED is a serious factor to consider when increasing the HP of a hero. At small values it provides very little increase, but get it high (over 50%) and you can go from multiplying your HP 2x to a whopping 20x at its maximum 95% cap:

I'll get around to doing ATK at some point! :D

Posted on 2/4/16 11:51:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wonderfull study and data. I will read it whenever I got time.

Posted on 2/5/16 4:25:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Great analysis!  Reads really well to :) 

The only thing I can think of pointing out is with some of the dmg red boosts it's hard to put a HP figure on that as in some cases (like SC divine) it is a temporary effect and completely dependent on.  Also the HP 'gain' from dmg red will fluctuate depending on opponent faced, in theory SC/Pnd with dmg red enchants get more hp against harder hitting opponents making those with decent dmg reduction boosts even more valuable.  It is obviously a complex thing to look into and yours is a fantastic effort that deals with such variables much better than I would have had I even considered attempting doing such a thing! 

A bajillion recommends from me!  Kudos!

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Posted on 2/5/16 4:33:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

SO damage reduction does it's job. Got it ... I think :/

Posted on 2/5/16 7:58:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yay for pounder...?

I'm keeping to old heroes so this, I think, should be good news hahaha! I'm surviving because of my Stun-style Arena team. Maybe when reset becomes available I'll move to pounder hahaha.

You are really making a career out of this, and you're pretty cool, OP. Very nice work. :)

Posted on 2/5/16 8:43:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice post. One variable that you did not include is dodge. While it is variable and inconsistant it could be treated the same way as dmg red. since a dodge is 0dmg. I know you could never pinpoint actual thresholds but dodge may be something to consider when evaluating potential hp values in the future.

On a side note, it is nice seeing the potential survivability(hp) of the non-tank heroes which can be valuable when determining good team comps.

Posted on 2/5/16 11:45:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Holy crap this is well done!  Going to have to read it a few times before I actually have anything worth while to say.