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[Chat(Android)] Suggestion to devs on 100 raid penalty.

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Posted on 5/1/14 12:19:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm chuckling a little bit here, but some of these answers you have to stand back and say. Really? Phone Charger will help my battery thanks, Sociology over a tap game Really? Clash defined: Attacking the enemy, guess what guys were enemies. Fairness other then straight up cheating, this has nothing to do with clashing refer to Attacking the enemy. Balance, What balance should it be balanced if I paid 99$ for gem pack and tried to move ahead that way in front of F2P absolutely not even IGG believes in that. So fairness, my strategy is to defeat you my way. Which has nothing to do with a penalty for for moving ahead. The game is about clashing regardless if you clash for 1,5,60 minutes or hell all day. That's not your concern but to go against the fundamental part of the game with triggers is foolish. Imagin if IGG put a trigger from amount of gems you paid for so you were not allowed to purchase any gems or upgrade, they would never do that. Why? it would slow down there money. So why would you trigger a penalty in a game to get ahead for balance and fairness to other players who do what not play as aggressively as me or some other. lastly take it or leave it, well oh dear you got a point if Part Time Clash of Lords 2 continues to go down the path of failure, I guess I'll take the second and leave. I already dropped over 300$ on this tap game no biggie. it's not like it's moving up on the list anyway.