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[Chat(Android)] Game engine optimization

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How come clash of lord 2 forces phone (samsung gamaxu S2/S3) to heat up a lot and drains battery so fast even having worse graphics than castle clash? I could cook eggs on the back of my phone. Seems like im playing newest racing or FPS game on my phone. Please optimize the game engine so it would be more battery friendly.

have been playing it at home while ON CHARGE. Battery couldn't charge that fast and phone still died. This game seriously needs to be made more battery friendly. My friend has same problem playing it on samsung galaxy s3.

Stop feeding IGG with money!!!
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This is only because it runs a larger engine than the previous games made, the only way to fix this is to go into developer options within your phone and lower the quality of every app, sorry
Sincerely, Colt from IGG :lol