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[Chat(Android)] New to clash or lord, need advice.

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Posted on 3/27/14 1:12:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yep im new to this game.  Never played the first one.  

1.  I would like to know what heroes should i be looking for.  Currently have: skull mage/head hunter/armored villain/and many good/normal.  What heroe should i use?

2.  Should i spend my jewels on heroes, or passive skill ? Im level 5 so im guessing its better to roll for heroes until i get decent heroes.

3.  Is the only way to level up heroes is to feed him with xp cards and other heroes ?  

4.  What should i do souls and rings ?  I want a good start so i want to spend my "currency" wisely.

thx guys!