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Posted on 3/24/14 7:52:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Another question as i am just working out the basics of this game.

i noticed that if i level up a hero then i feed that hero to another one, all of the experiece in it carries to the next hero. What i mean is if i give a hero 10 experience, then when i consume the hero to another one it gives his original value of experience plus the 10 given to him.

So my question is, can experience be wasted at all? there seams to be no harm in levelling up lower tier heroes before i get an epic because all of their experiece will go to the epic.


Posted on 3/24/14 8:19:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

yes your are correct but epic heros need more exp to level up then rare and common.

so if you have a rare level 30 and u want to put it in a epic u can put the hero into the epic and get the exp but they wont be the same level or you can put it in a exp card and then put it in a epic but it wont make no diffent it will not be the same level

hope that helps :)

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