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[Chat(Android)] Some bugs, and some hope

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Posted on 3/24/14 3:21:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys, in the futur, it ll he amasing to get a record of gem to get the Epic (275.000 gem), it ll be good to fix the diferent timer in the game like dungeon, free heroes, because for the moment the timer arrived to 00h00min but nothing happened, so have to quit the game and launch again.Sometime when we connect , we can , have to wait for the attack from other people, sometime 5min, and when we check the report, just 1 attack.
It ll be good to remove the:"Only two chest when u steal more then 100...."or put it in other way.And upgrading a little the reward per hrs from the arena (trophy).And upgrading hero when they re in defence because its strange like heroes lvl 30 attaking can kill 5 heroes 50+ .

But good point is just the beginning, I found it very strategic  and fun always something to do ;)
It s just my point of view no rage on it :)

Posted on 3/24/14 3:30:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

and it ll be good about the attack report to add some bubble for ex red for trophy and green for  gold, because for the moment it s only spam your attack :P