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[Chat(Android)] COL2 Guide! - By acidex_carbon

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Posted on 3/21/14 2:32:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To start off

The first thing you want to do with gems is roll for heroes, having a good 5 hero team is crucial!

Don't focus on leveling up the green heroes, focus on leveling up your epic heroes (yellow) and your rare heroes (purple)

Using your gems will give you a higher chance of getting a purple hero then the free rolls you recieve, and you can not recieve an epic hero from free rolls!

Rings, level up your hero abilitys by using rings!, getting those skill levels up will inhance your gameplay!

How to get rings??
Refer to my ''effective way to get rings'' thread here bellow ... 9320&extra=page%3D1

Souls can be used to level up your heroes mercinaries/troops!!
Level up your troops with souls ASAP


You want to focus on getting your townhall level up as soon as possible
the higher the level, the better, you want as many towers, gold mines, gold vaults and hero bases as you can!

Gold mines

Gold mines should be leveled immidiatly, you want more gold storage to level up that townhall and other buildings!
Focus on leveling towers, townhall and gold mines!

Rage/flame bar

Understanding rage, first off, the more heroes you have deployed, the slower the rage bar will go up, place 1 hero to start the match to give the rage bar a headstart!

Refer to my rage bar thread HERE!

Lords league

Lords league is important if you want to earn souls to levle up your troops!
You will not earn gold in lords league but you will earn souls which are crucial

Solo campaign

Solo campaign, or as i call it, dungeons, is a great way to earn XP to level your account up
First time rewards include MUGS, souls and xp for your level

Understanding mugs thread by me HERE!

Resource raids

Resource raids are important if you want to gain gold!
long story short,
Resource raids = Gold
Lords league = Souls
Campaign = XP, mugs and rings

Defending your base!

It is all about protecting your townhall, if your townhall is destoryed, its game over, they will win the attack
Place walls around your townhall and lay down your towers!! carefully place your heroes to where you think they will be useful in protecting your townahll, never leave your townhall exposed

Note: I may have more to add, hope this helped someone!