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[Event] Land of the faded

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Posted on 4/20/17 7:39:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Land of the faded

A pandemic has broken out and the heroes from the Clash of Lords holy land have clashed together.
The ark of safekeeping has arrived to store heroes and will sail to new land. However, there is a problem. When viewing the ship, the lords are astounded to find out there is only room for 4 heroes. Which heroes will be the lucky survivors and will leave the rest behind to set sail for a new world to fight out their battles? Who would you save? Why would you choose to save these heroes and not the others?

To participate in this event please answer the following questions in the form link below
1. What four heroes would you choose to keep out of all of the COL2 heroes?
2. Why would you choose those heroes over the others and how would they work together?

An example will go as the following:

1. Abyss Demon, Renee Ven, Enchantress, and Toxic Shaman.
2. Abyss Demon, because he will keep everyone alive. My second choice would be Renee Ven, because she is able to revive any hero and a divine. My third choice would be Enchantress. This is to counter most debuffs currently fired off by the enemy heroes. And finally I would have Toxic Shaman as my last choice. He is a very strong debuffer and when being countered can quickly aid the allied heroes while slowly killing the enemy heroes, much like the pandemic itself!

Grand prize winner: 3500 rings
4 runner up prizes: 1500 rings
Every valid entry: 300 Ambrosia shards

Event ended. Winners are currently being extracted.

The apprentice turns against his master
Posted on 5/21/17 8:44:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is your last chance to participate! The event will end in under 15 hours!

Happy writing!

The apprentice turns against his master
Posted on 5/22/17 7:22:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My 4 choice--wolfvenfiend, toxic shaman, abyss demon, raeneeven

Wolfvenfiend will kill faster that enemies. And also revive his own blood..then toxic shaman... Ts leave his toxic for enemies will be slow down. ND recovery blood for my hero's.....nd also killing faster that enemies
. Next abyss demon.he dmg faster that enemies..nd also recovery blood for him ND others my heroes...he will stay alive my heros...nd next raeneeven... He will killing enemies. ND also if my any hero will die.... He revive that hero... ND also revive my hero's divine skill...