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[Event] Hero Combo Event Winners

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Hero Combo Event Winners

We had some great entries and here are the top winners' combo ideas. :)
Thank you everyone for participating

Grand Prize winner of Wolvenfiend and 1 ancient spirit:
Abyss Demon & Demon Slayer
Use: Demon Slayer's Insight would be named "Demon Horde". His Insight will summon 1/2/3/4 Demon Clones that spawn on both Abyss Demon and Demon Slayer after Demon Slayer uses his Divine. These clones would work like Chiron's Clones, aggressive but no active/divine usage. Clones will last until 10-30 seconds after the last defending hero dies.

The Demon Allies will get 10/20/30.../100% and 5/10/15.../50% of Demon Slayer's HP and ATK respectively. The Demon Allies will also get 5/10/15.../50% and 10/20/30.../100% of Abyss Demon's HP and ATK respectively. Full HP/ATK, not base HP. The HP/ATK that shows up when looking at your hero in formation.

Demon Allies will slow attack rate and speed by 5-30% for 2-6 seconds with every attack (does not stack, refreshes duration).

Demon Slayer's heal from his Active Skill will also heal all the Demon Allies and Abyss Demon.

To use this to my advantage, I would try and overpower the base quickly at the beginning by pulling a few heroes in, AoEing them all down and use the Demon Clones to slow their ATK and use them later on for a lot of base damage.

The Clones would also tank well, against towers and projectiles like Pan Goli's Active and Divine.

Defense: Carol D'Belle would be perfect, her Yeti('s) would eat the clones first, and then on mercenaries. Meaning her Yeti is perfect to start eating the Clones of Demon Slayer's divine. Won Ton would also become stronger in the meta, since he'll start healing and resetting his Active Skill cooldown pretty often.

You could still nuke Won Ton with your own heroes of course, but if you fail to do this you might be in for some heavy trouble.

Runner Up: 1 ancient spirit
Wolvenfiend and Landslide
Use: -Grants up to 40% and 60% DMG RED and skill DMG respectively to Landslide when Wolf is in wolf form and grants up to 50% increased stun time when Landslide uses his divine skill.
-To begin, I would deploy Landslide to taunt all the heroes to engage him. Only then would I deploy Wolvenfiend. Since Landslide has gathered all enemy heroes in one place, I would then turn Wolvenfiend into wolf form (use blockhead aid on him with lightning blade). And when he has done "sufficient DMG" (reducing the enemy's heroes by at least 30%) or has lost most of his HP, I would turn him to human again and use his divine, effectively stunning the surrounding enemy heroes for 10 seconds. I would then use landslide's divine to stun the enemy for another 13.5 seconds (9 + 50% bonus stun time, for a potential total of 23.5 seconds). In this stun time, I would then turn Wolvenfiend into wolf form again to finish the enemy heroes off.
Defense: To defend against this "stunning couple" is not easy at any rate. However, an Ambrosia + Toxic Shaman (with thorned bow and blockhead) defense combo could mitigate or at least defer Wolvenfiend's brutal attacks (wolvenfiend when equipped with lightning blade and blochead aid is lethal). This strategy relies on these two heroes and thorned bow to lower wolvenfiend's attack rate and prevent him from getting to the rest of the defense team. Unfortunately, this strategy could be thwarted if the enemy places his wolvenfiend near my Ambrosia and use Landslide to taunt my Ambrosia and the rest of my defense team. However, this would be the best strategy to counter such a tempest.

Runner Up: 1 ancient spirit
arctic lord & sapphirix
Use: Using this combo would give sapphirix's skill an additional freezing effect. This would stun (freeze) enemies hit for [some time]. Also air units affected by this will fall down and be attackable by melee heroes for [also some time]. However the sacrificial ring buff from chiron's divine skill and the sea of flames from demon slayer's divine skill will protect the opponents heroes from the freezing effect. (Maybe this last part is a little too much but I liked the idea.)

I would use this in the arena to kill the opponents mercenaries while slowing down his/her heroes. This way I could deal a whole lot more damage at the start and get other skills ready. Also to clean up the last enemy heroes I could use this to bring down air units and kill them faster.
I could also use this to give one of my other heroes just enough time to activate their skill. For example to protect abyss demon at the moment his skill stops.

PS: I even thought about adding pan goli's skill to the list of things preventing the freeze effect. This would mean that while a bleeding from his skill is affecting one of your heroes, that hero could not be frozen. But I was honestly just looking for skills that had something with fire in them…
Defense: Either using enchantress to protect from any of these effects or using arcane caster to pass them to the enemy could work. However using chiron and/or demon slayer would also be a good protection. When going with chiron you still have to watch out for yetis from carol d' belle's divine skill. Apart from that using chiron's divine skill at the right time is a good advice. Using demon slayer will offer a more certain protection but for probably a much shorter period. Together with renee ven bringing back a divine this could offer enough time to either take down arctic lord or sapphirix (or both).

Runner up: 1 ancient spirit
Renee Ven and Ambrosia
Use: Combo Name: Sisterly Love
Combo Description:
-        Enlightened Renee Ven and Ambrosia combo will increase both heroes’ Attack by 30% and Attack Rate by 20%, and Attack Range by 20%. Bonus only take effect when both heroes are alive.
-        When either one of them dies, there is a 50% chance to be revived automatically if the other is still alive.

Combo Usage:
-        I would use both of them together for both defense and offense. With their increased Attack, Attack Rate, and Attack Range, they will be able to quickly decimate their opponents.
-        If either of them dies, I would make sure that the other is alive so that there will be a higher chance of revival.
Defense: I would defend against this combo by targeting and killing one of them as quickly as possible, to make sure that they do not activate the Attack bonuses. This would probably be Renee Ven, to ensure that she does not revive Ambrosia. After she has been killed, I would then focus on killing the other.

Grand Prize of Wolvenfiend and Ancient Spirit and 10 hyper potions:
316191835        Android

One Ancient Spirit and 10 hyper potions:
265193797        Android
150084370        Android
229522673        iOS

All other applicable winners of 10x Hyper Potions
192903189        Android
150869675        Android
300367340        Android
305912123        Windows Phone
280005213        Windows Phone
279224714        Android
390239272        iOS
150802970        Android
298222947        Android
297268177        Amazon
219287790        android
271588173        Windows Phone
303887223        Android
280920191        Android
174144370        android
161400231        Android
311473445         android
266811707         Android
154704591        android
272578341        android

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dammit i missed this event