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[Event] Hero Party Event - Info/Results

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Posted on 1/13/17 7:31:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone! The Hero mash-up party was a smashing success!
Here are the answers

How many heroes came to the party? There were 34 heroes total

1. Did any EPIC heroes not make it to the party? If so, who?
Yes, Glory Priestess, Arctic Lord, Ironclad, and Bullhead
2. Are any heroes in there more than once?  If so, who?
Yes, Chiron.
3. How many non-epic heroes are there?

-If you didn't get the primary answer correct, you will not receive a prize. (sorry!)
-If you didn't get one of the bonus q
uestion answers correct you will not receive an essence or be eligible for the grand prize.
-If you had duplicate entries with different answers, your first entry answer was used. Make sure you know what you want to enter before you enter! You make my job a lot harder with duplicate entries.
-If you got all the answers correct but didn't write an essence choice you will MAYBE receive 100 jewels instead, but that's up to the IGG. Make sure you write an essence choice if applicable in future events.

There were 112 entries. 79 entries got the primary question correct. I didn't count how many got all correct.

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Posted on 1/13/17 11:28:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for informing! Was wondering why wasn't there any posts about rewards. Hope you finish it quick! :)

Posted on 1/21/17 6:26:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I won the "new year party" event, but I have a problem.
I asked 20 landslide essences but I have been given 100 jewels.
You can solve?

Nickname :KRAUSER 
IGG ID: 252615771
Platform : android